20 Restaurants and Bars to enjoy

Alyzia Restaurant by Movich

Alyzia is a new Mediterranean cuisine suggestion, fused with the strong flavors of the Caribbean for visitors and locals who prefer a space framed in a casual and elegant atmosphere. The Alyzia Experience is a four-course menu choice.

La Bonga del Sinú

In La Bonga del Sinú juicy, tender and delicious grilled meats are top of the list. This restaurant is prepared to give you an experience with the best service and flavor that allows you to preserve the exquisite Caribbean cuisine on your palate.

Casa Canabal Restaurante

Casa Canabal restaurant offers the most exquisite culinary variety in Cartagena inviting you to enjoy this Month of Love and Friendship in a magical and bohemian atmosphere where you combine the colonial with the contemporary to offer unforgettable experiences and evenings.

Da Pietro

Da Pietro is a suggestion with the best of the Italian trattorias to delight all of Cartagena and tourists with the best pizzas from our wood-fired oven, pasta casserole, desserts and breads from their own bakery.

Di Silvio Trattoria

Di Silvio Trattoria is the perfect choice to enjoy the best, exquisite recipes of Italy. With its magical universal flavors it has conquered thousands of diners, who love their palate and soul from the first bite.

El Butcher Steak House

El Butcher offers two comfortable and pleasant environments, so that lovers of meat, wine and good food taste and enjoy the best elegant and delicious cuts of meat. The authentic taste of El Butcher is excellent and highly recommended.

Erre de Ramón Freixa

Erre de Ramón Freixa is a haute cuisine restaurant with four atmospheres in which you can enjoy a new menu and original dishes with the fusion of the Mediterranean and the unequaled Cartagena cuisine. Erre de Ramón Freixa has a distinguished wine cellar to compare with anything else in Cartagena.

Folklore Colombian Café

Aroma, fragrance and softness are the characteristics of Colombian coffee 100% of origin of Folklore. Take a tour of the coffee regions of Colombia, and treat yourself to an infusion of drop-by-drop coffee served in an iced glass, a pastry that includes the traditional Caribbean flavor and a line of vegan products, to accompany a freshly ground coffee, or an infusion of fruit prepared at your table or any option on your menu.  695


Kanuu, first class international cuisine with a strong local accent, renowned worldwide for its creativity, the quality of its products, and detailed, careful preparation. It is explosion of textures and flavors.

La Langosta

La Langosta, specializes in sea food with that characteristic Caribbean touch and respects the popular tradition. With craft recipes it has become a reference site, icon of the city, a gastronomic heritage forced to visit and enjoy. 695

La Parrilla

La Parrilla is the perfect choice for true lovers of grilled meats, with different characteristics such as mature meats, variety of exclusive marinades, sauces and accompaniments. The secret is not leaving behind the cuisine of Colombia.

León de Baviera

León de Baviera lives the best experience of a German bar, ideal for enjoying the great variety of German beers and the exquisite and incomparable food of the Bavarian region of Germany, which both locals and visitors love.

Los Pollitos

In Los Pollitos the menu includes homemade Colombian recipes, healthy and rich. The perfect place to share food with family or friends, because the chicken brings happy memories, which everyone likes and can always be repeated. Enjoy it!

Montesacro Restaurante Café-Bar

Montesacro Restaurant Café Bar is the essence of traditional cuisine, it has the force of history, it delights your senses with flavors, smells and colors in a romantic atmosphere, suitable for enjoying your best moments in a special company.

Perú Mar

In Peru Mar you can live the experience of authentic Peruvian cuisine in the hands of a Limeña, the feeling of patriotic love, makes dishes, their flavors, smells and textures intoxicate even the most demanding palate in the world.

Quebracho Restaurante&Bar

Quebracho Restaurant and Bar is an ideal place to taste the exquisite and incomparable gourmet cuisine of Argentina. This restaurant brings to your palate all the flavor and generosity of the Argentine Food, accompanied by the best wines.

Red Knife

Red Knife is an author's grill, offering an unrivaled menu of Certified Angus Beef meats, the fusion of seafood and ingenious suggestions created by renowned chef Jonatan Gomez, who combines the flavors of the sea with the land.

San Marino Restaurante Sport Bar

San Marino Restaurant Sport Bar is the perfect place to enjoy Caribbean flavor, giving your palate the finest sense of pleasure with the sea flavors and other delicacies that merge in this modern, fresh and relaxed atmosphere.
... Enjoy the aphrodisic and delicious food that is prepared in Cartagena de Indias, in the hands of the best chefs of the city, who with love and joy inject an incomparable taste into exotic dishes.
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