Things to do in Cartagena de Indias: 5 free plans at Manga Bay

Cartagena de Indias has a large number of attractive activities that can be done without having to spend money, and that will allow you to take the best memories of one of the most desired tourist destinations in the world. And in the Manga neighborhood you can enjoy a whole day of fun. Ever since you step on the floor of La Heroica, when you walk its streets, contemplate its landscapes, and enjoy the sun at the same time, you can find spaces where you do not need to pay a ticket to live an adventure, scenarios such as Manga Bay, which during the first months of the year is much more attractive thanks to the cool breeze that accompanies it.Vista de cielo y botes desde la Bahía de Manga, Cartagena de IndiasYou can reach the bay by crossing the “Puente Román”, which connects this beautiful area with Getsemaní and the Historical Center of the city. It is more than a kilometer of linear path, accompanied, on the one hand, by beautiful modern buildings and, on the other, by an impressive view of the Bocagrande sector and a large number of yachts and sailboats that adorn the waters of the Caribbean.

Likewise, the modern cranes of the port, at one end, and a fort from the time of the conquest, on the other, complement this picture adorned with the incredible nuances provided by the multicolored sky, the calm sea and the reflected sun rays in its waters, green areas and colonial and contemporary constructions.

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These are the plans that we propose in Manga. Remember to take care of these spaces so we can continue enjoying them.

1. Visit to San Sebastian del Pastelillo Fort

This historic place is located where the first fort of Cartagena was built, known as El Boquerón. Its name is due to the viceroy who ordered its construction, Sebastián de Eslava, and the term Pastelillo was assigned to it by its peculiar "cake" shape, which was dominated by the fires of the city and prevented enemies from staying there in case of invation.

Currently, most of this magnificent fort is open to the public to go through it at no cost.Pareja contemplando el paisaje desde el Fuerte de San Sebastián del Pastelillo en la bahía de Manga, Cartagena de Indias

2. Working out in Manga’s Bay

In addition to taking advantage of the attractive footpath by walking, jogging, skating or riding a bicycle, in the company of a breathtaking view, you can also make use of the various biosaludable machines installed along this boardwalk, which will help you maintain a good physical condition and tone all the muscles of your body. Regardless of your age, alone or accompanied, do not stop enjoying this outdoor gym without spending money. Your body and your health will thank you.

3. A delicious and fun picnic

You pick the time. Whether in the day or at night, this relaxed and pleasant place of Manga will allow you to use its gardens, sheltered with the shade of various trees, to organize outdoor meals spontaneously and informal while enjoying the local cuisine accompanied by a delicious breeze and the fresh aroma of the sea. An opportunity to share with family and friends while watching the sunset, the beautiful boats, or the most spectacular nights in this bay that invites young and old to have fun and fill themselves with valuable memories.Grupo de personas sentadas en los muros del Fuerte San Sebastián del Pastelillo en Manga, Cartagena de Indias

4. Docks to delight in Manga

Five cozy docks adorn this bay so that you can comfortably enjoy spectacular views while the breeze, the sun and the sea accompany your moment of contemplation. Whether you want to take many photos, read a book, draw a painting, have a fun chat, or just enjoy the beautiful scenery at different times of the day, these docks, made from recycled plastic, await you to fill your day with a lot of color and Caribbean energy.

5. Visit to the port

Its presence stands out from any point of the bay. Its colorful and giant cranes, lifting and moving containers full of goods from all over the world, move with the precision of a clock. A titanic and modern structure of iron and metal that operates 24 hours a day and shows itself impressive in the middle of this tropical setting. Thanks to its strategic location, nowadays it is one of the most important logistics and port platforms in the continent. It also operates as a customs office for Colombian exports. Although access to the port is restricted, from the bay you can see it without any kind of visual obstruction and you will be amazed with it.Vista nocturna del puerto de Cartagena de Indias desde la bahía de MangaMore free plans in Cartagena: 2 parks to relax and wait for the sunset in Cartagena de Indias

When you finish enjoying your stay in the bay, do not forget to take a walk through the streets of this beautiful neighborhood. In the middle of modern buildings, in Manga there are still beautiful Republican style houses that will delight you from all angles.
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