2 parks to relax and wait for the sunset in Cartagena de Indias

When the last solar rays illuminate the afternoon in Cartagena with amazing golden tones, there is an atmosphere full of beauty and perfect to wait for the sun to get lost among the immensity of the sky.

In Cartagena de Indias, the number of people who enjoy the sunsets keeps increasing, and while they wait for it, they spend long periods of time hanging out on the high terraces, the walled cord or on different points of the city. However, in order to achieve a complete communion with nature, the sunset’s lovers prefer quiet places in which vegetation and wildlife garnish the environment. This is way the parks of the city are the favorite places to contemplate the sun hidding on the horizon.

Parque Centenario” (Centennial Park in Cartagena)Parque del Centenario

The “Parque Centenario” is a magical place located in the middle of the Historical Center of Cartagena and the Getsemaní neighborhood. A place full of nature, in which you will be able to observe iguanas, monkeys, squirrels, a large variety of birds, and sloth bears, all of this while you drink a refreshing “raspa’o” (ice cone) in front of its gorgeous water fountain.

It is a park to let life pass quietly in the company of friends, relatives or your couple. In this place you will always find a shadow under which you can relax and feel how the fresh breeze eases the characteristic sun of Cartagena.

When the sunset arrives, the sunlight filters through the leaves of the dense trees, producing a natural spectacle that tourists and locals alike enjoy.

Parque Espíritu del Manglar” (Spirit of the Mangrove Park)Parque espiritu del Manglar

It is one of the newest parks in the city. It was built by recovering a forgotten natural space, and now it has become into one of the favorite places to spend an afternoon in Cartagena.

The “Parque Espíritu del Manglar” has a large amount of plants and wild animals that inhabit the ecosystems that are created by the mangroves. While you wait for the sunset to happen, this park has several attractions you can enjoy, such as an outdoor gym and restaurants for visitor to delight the exquisite Caribbean gastronomy.

It is a park surrounded by water, and once the sun begins to hide, the last rays are reflected in the aquatic surface, radiating the whole place with a soft golden light.

The sunsets you can observe in the Caribbean are unparalleled, so waiting for them in the comfort and peace of one of these parks, will always be a good plan. Cartagena de Indias awaits you with all of its natural wonders, enjoy them.
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