The details that make of Cartagena de Indias a unique city

Every person who visits Cartagena de Indias is fascinated. This is why it is the favorite destination to either enjoy vacations, celebrate love, or hold international events. Its Caribbean magic is the greatest charm it posses; its history and cultural blend have made of this city a unique corner with features and details that make it stand out among other tourist destinations.

From the materials with which the old buildings were built, to the gastronomic tradition. They are elements that remained etched in the memory of those who venture to know the joyful Cartagena.

We will show you in here some of the features that distinguish Cartagena, signs that evoke the beauty of this tropical city and draws the attention of thousands of tourists eager to know a wonderful place.

Murallas (Old Walls)Murallas-de-Cartagena

They were built by Spanish soldiers and slaves with African origins. They were meant to protect the city from pirate attacks or any other attempt of invasion and colonization.

They were declared as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. This fortress, made out of marine minerals, is the most complete in South America and one of the representative elements of Cartagena. Its architectural design and the fascinating experiences you can have above them, such as working out, watching the sea, waiting for the sunset, or playing to pretend you are a soldier of the old city. All of them, will become unforgettable memories.

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Street carts full of fruitsFrutas-Cartagena-de-Indias

When imagining Cartagena, there is joy, tons of colors and diversity. And the fruits you can find on the markets and streets of the city are the best example of these features.

Whether on carts or “palanganas” (a big and circular tray), the fruits for sale on the streets of magical Cartagena garnish the city with its different sizes, colors and shapes. These natural products have the highest quality and their flavors provide your palate with an exquisite experience.

Typical SweetsDulces-típicos-de-Cartagena

Another detail that characterizes the city are its typical sweets with ancestral techniques that have lasted through the generations. In “El Portal de los Dulces” (The sweets spot), at the Historical Center, you can find classic elaborations such as “cocadas” (coconut sweets), “caballitos” (little horses), “alegrías” (happy sweets), “conservitas”, among so many others. You must definitely try them all.

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“Raspa’os” (Crushed ice cones)Raspao

We keep on delighting the gastronomic offer of Cartagena. One delicious and refreshing beverage you should taste is the “raspa’o”, a type of paper cone made of crushed ice and sweetened with syrups of various flavors. It is perfect to quench the thirst produced by the climate of La Heroica.

Colonial facadesFachadas-Coloniales-de-Cartagena

Whether with large windows or flowered balconies, anyone who visits Cartagena cannot leave without taking a picture whit these iconic features of the city.

The Historical Center and the Getsemaní neighborhood are the ideal places where you can shoot amazing photos with the colorful facades that preserve the colonial sight and dress the city with an unparalleled beauty.

Street lanternsFarol-de-Cartagena

Helping the moon to illuminate the nights of Cartagena, you will find lanterns that, radiating its light with yellow and orange tones, give the city a romantic and old look that enchants the tourists.

In each corner, square or park of the Historical Center of Cartagena, you will find this gorgeous feature.

Door knockersAldabas Cartagena de Indias

In the past, these ornaments were used in the doors of the houses of prestigious families, and, according to the figure, its social status was also determined. They are really charming and always catch your attention while you walk among the streets of the old city.

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Graffiti in CartagenaGrafiti-Getsemaní

Finally, even though the old and colonial look suits Cartagena well, the modern samples of urban art also decorate the city, providing with life to gray and worn walls, with colors, figures and strokes that draw the attention of pedestrians who walk the streets of Getsemaní.

What really characterizes Cartagena are the everyday details that its inhabitants often miss. This is a city of extreme beauty, great tradition and diverse culture that thousands of tourists enjoy. These representative features of Cartagena are alive in the smile of a local person, and also on the birds that ply their skies. Get to know Cartagena de Indias and live a unique experience!
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