Best Sellers at Portal de los Dulces

The Portal of Los Dulces is the place where the palates of tourists and locals delight in tasting typical Caribbean delicacies. So that you do not immerse yourself in this task of getting to know them and guessing which ones are good, here we leave you the five most consumed sweets according to one of the oldest sellers of this passage.

Muñecas de Leche

You decide if you start with the head or the feet, but that will not stop this doll-shaped candy from melting in your mouth and causing you to think about eating more than one. It also comes in small squares or circles called 'panelitas', but it is certainly more fun to eat a complete doll.

Price per unit: 2,000 Colombian pesos Milk doll portal of sweets

Cocada de Coco

Grated coconut, cinnamon, sugar, coconut water and milk are the main ingredients of this delicacy that is a must on this portal. If you are a lover of high amounts of sugar you have to taste this delicious dessert while walking through the walled city.

Price per unit: 1,000 Colombian pesos  Cocadas


This roll wrapped with colored papers is a mixture of flavors thanks to ingredients such as coconut, cinnamon and of course, sugar. The temptation is irresistible, who passes through the portal makes a compulsory purchase of this delicacy.

Price per unit: 1,000 Colombian pesos Portal of Cartagena sweets of the Indies

Tamarind balls

With its bittersweet taste it conquers more than one heart thanks to the unique sensation that this mixture generates. Upon entering your mouth and feel the acid tints you will allow your hand to slide down your pocket slowly to buy a couple of this traditional dessert to everyone you know.

Price per basket: 3,000 Colombian pesos

Cocada de Guayaba

Grated coconut, milk, sugar and guava. The taste of this exotic fruit combined with the texture of the coconut can fill you with happiness while you enjoy this succulent delight. Price per unit: 1,000 Colombian pesos Visit the Portal of Los Dulces de Cartagena in just 20 minutes
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