The charm of the door knockers of Cartagena de Indias

Walking through the Historic Center of Cartagena de Indias is a delightful adventure for those who want to explore all its secrets. This traditional neighborhood of the city is an open-air museum, down to the smallest detail it has a historical force that captivates all the curious.

Lovers of colonial architecture are favored in this sector of the city to find houses dating from the eighteenth century. On the doors of these mansions are the knockers that have different shapes, to captivate the eyes of those who visualize their appearance. Aldabas Cartagena de Indias At the time of the Spanish reign these toilets had a meaning according to those people who were around their walls. Lions, lizards, marine animals and even crosses were part of the decoration of the gate to define in advance what social position the family lived in that house.

It is known that the lizards represented the people of Spanish royalty or that they had some connection with it. Surely having this knocker hanging in the entrance of your house offered many benefits, as well as a prestige without equal.  Cartagena de Indias Aldabas The lion, king of the jungle and figure worshiped in many cultures, was used by those who had a military position inside from army. Having a marine animal hanging across the front of your home meant that you were a marine merchant. But not all were decorative beasts, there were also hands and crosses, ideal symbols for clerics who lived in the city.

Today, door knockers have lost their meaning and the main reason they were created. Many of the owners decide to keep or make toilets to store something characteristic of traditional gates. They even adopt figures that had never been seen to add a touch of originality to everyone's eyes.Aldabas Cartagena de Indias Even though this tradition has been lost with the passing of time, it is possible to know the history that lies behind the knockers Anyway, go through one of these valuable pieces is a must stop Take lots of pictures! And do not forget to share it in your networks so that everyone knows the magic of Cartagena de Indias.

Source: Colombia Travel Blog
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