Three islands in Cartagena that you cannot miss

Spread over several archipelagos around Cartagena de Indias, more than 30 islands of the “Corales del Rosario and San Bernardo” National Natural Park give shape to an enormous mosaic of transparent turquoise waters, next to some dreamy cabins that provide you with paradisiacal hideaways where life seems to stop. Each island has its particular charm, in which the tradition and local customs are mixed with the thousands of tourists who visit them every year, thus maintaining the essence that has made them so great.

After a tour of more than 30 islands around Cartagena, in here I leave my favorite ones, so you can choose the best ones to either go with your couple, or having a family vacation, or to have a weekend getaway, or simply enjoy the serenity of the beach.

Choosing the island or islands for your vacations will depend on your tastes; whether you look specifically for plans in the sand and water, or gastronomy, or landscapes, quietness, or even the lively night life.

Isla GrandeIsla-Grande

Peace and natural beauty. White sand beaches, in which you can appreciate a marvelous coral formation, which reflects a sea of tiny waves and blue and green tones, creating a comforting contrast to the sight and spirit.

As its name indicates, “Isla Grande” is the one with the largest area among the Rosario Islands. A sea that you love and a perfect beach to spend your whole life.


It is a place with an overdose of natural beauty, a paradise for tourists to enjoy.

In the “San Bernardo” archipelago, an idyllic landscape of warm and crystalline waters, corals and reefs, the perfect oasis for lovers. An island that inspires, that makes you fall in love, a place that can be traveled by foot or by using a bike, and an island in which you can feel everything feels but stress.

TintipánIsla-Tintipan 1280

Mystical, attractive and exciting, this is the largest island of the “San Bernardo” archipelago. Also called “Isla del Buzo” (Diver’s Island), for being a perfect destination for diving. A magical place that transports and connects with nature and manages to get its visitors out of the daily routine.

The island, its charms, its people, the sea, the diving and its colors make of this place a fantastic and incredible destination to visit and meet wonderful people.

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