Cartagena: 5 beautiful beaches free of crowds

Cartagena de Indias is a city blessed with a great diversity of treasures. Whether they are historical, architectonical or natural, Cartagena has an extraordinary offer for all tastes.

Its natural and artificial wealth attracts more and more tourists from different parts of the world, who visit the city and fall in love with it thanks to the endless adventures they get to enjoy. There is a pretty big offer full of different plans, but, even today, you still have the chance to find lonely places where you can breathe peace and relax in the most beautiful landscapes surrounded by the sounds of nature.

There are too many visitors looking to get away from the bustle of the crowds and seeking for plans different to the ones traditionally offered by tourism agencies and guides. They are people who do not want to travel with the rush and pressure of a clock, and they are looking for places not so crowded where they can enjoy what they really care for and at their own pace. For this kind of travelers, here we bring 5 options with quiet places and gorgeous beaches where they can relax without getting annoyed by vendors or getting sink into a sea of tourists.

In these paradisiacal places you can unplugged yourself from routine and recharge your energy. All of your five senses will appreciate it.

Playa Linda

On the island of Tierrabomba, which can be seen at the other end of El Laguito, there are all kinds of beaches, but there is one, in particular, that stands out for its quietness. Playa Linda is a place surrounded by clear sand and a blue-green water, garnished with curious cliffs and to which adventurers from all over the world come in search of the peace they can breathe in there. Some of them have even dared to build handcrafted constructions that allow them to stay there for several days.Tierrabomba, Cartagena

Isla Cholón

To access this island, you can only use private boats and yachts that sell these spots to travelers local and foreign. It is the most popular place right now to celebrate some of the best electronic music parties in which people dance on their boats surrounded by the most extraordinary natural settings. You can see one of its most attractive charms when people sit down to eat at a table located inside the crystal-clear sea while multi-colored fish swim around them.Isla-cholon

Isla Tintipán

It is a coastal island located 50 kilometers away from Cartagena that you can find inside the Corales del Rosario y San Bernardo National Natural Park. It has a curious system of swamps that give shape to a set of islands within the island, thanks to a series of waterways with a labyrinth shape that become a refuge for a great diversity of birds. The high degree of conservation that you can observe in the mangrove makes it practically impossible to walk through the island. It is the ideal destination to scuba dive thanks to the beautiful tones and sights that the coral reef provides to these calm and clear waters.Isla Tintipan Cartagena

Isla Múcura

“Welcome to the end of rushing”. With this amazing phrase you set foot into this beautiful corner of the planet. This colorful island with crystal-clear waters and coral reefs is located in the “Archipiélago de San Bernardo”, approximately two hours away from Cartagena. It is such a paradise where, after you enjoy the warm beaches, you can walk or bike around and live to the fullest a true Eden. The blue and green tones in the water, its white sand, and the peace is perceived, make of this island one of the favorite couples’ destination. Do not miss the fresh water well, a fascinating body of water surrounded by palm trees and beaches where you will not feel life passes by.Múcura1

Isla del Encanto

Located in the insular zone of Cartagena, within the "Parque Nacional Natural Corales del Rosario y San Bernardo", it is a precious jewel of the Caribbean. Snorkel lovers become ecstatic to swim in this seven-color sea, where the problems of the world disappear and are washed away by these waters of perfect temperature. You can also enjoy an ecological walk around the rupestrian paths full of fruits and tropical trees, so you can fill this unique and comforting experience with lots of flavor and color. In there you can enjoy a cold “coco loco” at the edge of the sea, while the fresh sea breeze caresses your face and you get to contemplate one of the most spectacular sunsets of your life. There are 300 meters of fine white sand, with crystal clear and turquoise waters that will make you never want to say goodbye to this Caribbean paradise.Isla-del-Encanto There are so many treasures yet to be discover in Cartagena, and the best part is that each one comes loaded with the incredible human warmth of the local people. Do not forget to enjoy these beaches in the company of a tasty dish and try to get close to the cultural richness of this place. Remember that you can become an active protector of this paradise, so we can enjoy it and preserve it for a long time.
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