Valentine’s Day in Cartagena de Indias: Romance on the order of the day

Although Valentine's Day is a date celebrated mainly in the United States, the strong cultural influence of this country on the rest of the nations has made its importance spread around the world.

Colombia is not the exception and Cartagena was not going to stay safe from this romantic fever that love produces. Many couples have been planning this day in advance to celebrate in the company of that special being that accelerates their hearts and produces a sudden presence of butterflies in their stomachs. On the other hand, there are also those who still do not know what to do on February 14 or the upcoming weekend, and last minute suggestions would not hurt at all.San Valentín en Cartagena de IndiasIf you are in Cartagena or plan to visit it during the Valentine's Day celebrations, you have already done half of the task. It is a romantic city par excellence, and it has been chosen throughout the years by countless couples to make their marriage proposals, planning weddings, celebrate their honeymoons, or simply have a romantic getaway full of adventure and pleasure.

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The luxury hotels and gastronomic offer, the romanticism and charm of its colonial streets, the overflowing and magical invasion of colors in its walls, fruits and sunsets, the taste of its traditional foods, and the contagious rhythms that accompanies the people of Cartagena every day, all of them are details that will fill this celebration of love with luxury and romance.

Just to give a couple of examples to enjoy Valentine's Day at La Heroica, we recommend a day at the Conrad Hotel in Cartagena. An afternoon of Spa for you and your partner, and a golden closing with an exclusive dinner in the Biblioteka restaurant, will make that each of your senses can enjoy unforgettable moments.Biblioteka1You can be interested: Conrad: Valentine's Celebration

The Hotel Movich Cartagena also joins this celebration and invites you to enjoy the best of Mediterranean cuisine in its exclusive Alyzia restaurant. A special three-course dinner and a bottle of sparkling wine will bring the cherry to this cake of emotions and delight next to the person you love.You can also check: Movich: Valentine's Dinner

Remember that you can also surprise your partner with a spontaneous picnic in one of the parks or pedestrian promenades of the city, as well as take a pass by one of its beaches or walls to say goodbye to the day and receive the night under the watchful eye of a sky that never ceases to amaze us with its varied tonalities and its dreamy atmosphere.

Happy Valentine for all, Cartagena will always be the witness accomplice of their love stories.

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