Two destinations to enjoy the sea, the sun and the beach

Enchanted by the sea, the boats, and the landscapes that mix sea and city, I start my journey from La Bodeguita – the only authorized dock for the departure of ships – to Tierrabomba, a charming Colombian island located at the south of Cartagena and to the west of the Caribbean Sea.

Intrigued by the tourist attractions of this small island, I embark on a speedboat with ten fellow travelers on board. I hold on tight to my safety vest, and I leave the imposing buildings, the noise of the cars, and the walled city behind.Tierrabomba Cartagena As we go through, the strong waves hit the boat, but not for too long because Tierrabomba is only 15 minutes away from Cartagena. It is one of those destinations you can easily reach in a short time by boat.

The magnificent view appearing in front of my eyes includes places likje Tierrabomba, Caño del Oro, Punta Arena, and Bocachica, where you can find imposing forts built during the time of the Colony for military protection. The beautiful bay of Cartagena is left behind and now containers ships start to appear over the immensity of this infinite blue sea.

One of the favorite plans for the tourists consists on leaving from the pier in the morning, and then go back to Cartagena in the afternoon, after enjoying one day full of culture, history, sea, sun, and beach in Tierrabomba.

It was 10:00 AM when we arrived and the thermal sensation was exceeding the 32°. Just a few minutes after we left Cartagena, the boat dropped us off in one not so attractive dock.Tierrabomba Cartagena “Welcome to Tierrabomba” and “let’s go to the beach”, are some of the expressions local people use to welcome visitors to their island. While I admire the wonderful landscape, I talked back to them, in a perfectly pronounced Spanish, and I told them about how beautiful and warm their island was.

Through a very steep ramp, I start my adventure around this colorful village full of striking houses and happy people where you can experience the practice of ecotourism in all its splendor.

My first stop is at the Amigos del Mar Foundation, a place full of children from the islands and foreigners teaching them languages and arts. As I keep on going through this charming location, I run into Deivis, a local guy from this town who promises me a fascinating motorcycle tour. I do not dare to say no, and then we took off to the most attractive corners of Tierrabomba.Tierrabomba Cartagena de Indias “At the end of the village there is an interesting and little visited beach called Playa Linda. I am going to take you there”, says Deivis as we go through a road of streets uncover and full of trees.

When we arrive to our destination, I get to see, in the background, a beautiful panoramic view of Cartagena. Then, as we get closer, I found a quiet blue beach with turbid sand. It is Playa Linda, the perfect place to get a proper tan and a refreshing sea bath, without the harassment of beach vendors. After he parked the motorcycle, we took shelter in a palm tree kiosk and, without hesitation, I walked in this warm and crystalline beach with peaceful waves.Tierrabomba Playa Linda This is how I describe this beautiful place, where I enjoy having a good bath and, after an hour, I decided to ride back with Deivis heading to our next stop: Punta Arena.

Punta Arena

This little village, visited by many tourists, is located 10 minutes away from Tierrabomba by motorcycle.

After we left the bike, I start walking towards the beach until my feet start to feel the sea and all my body gets its tropical and bohemian vibe. There is a row of huts, hotels and restaurants with Caribbean music, some of them with swimming pools, and full of tourists. In here everyone seems happy and amazed by the landscape.Punta Arena - Tierrabomba Deivis recommended me to taste a delicious typical dish from this Colombian region. A plate that is served with fried fish, coconut rice, fresh salad and patacones.

I take a walk from one tip of the beach to the other, and finally I decided to spend the day in the nice Isla Arena Plaza Hotel. Its pleasant atmosphere, a fine swimming pool, a solarium, and the comfortable beds around the beach, helped me to choose. I pay $20.000 COP to Deivis and to finish my lovely day I check in the hotel.

Just as I was told, the most delicious dish in this beach is the plate with fried fish. After lunch, the best plan is to lie on the beach beds and relax to the sound of the sea. After this time of relaxation, I do not doubt even a second to go to the sea and take advantage of jet skiing on these calm beaches that allow me to admire the beauty of this paradise.

Something I can assure you is that on my next visit to Cartagena I will definitely return to Punta Arena. This hidden paradise enchants all lovers of the sea, the sun, the music, as well as the breeze and the whole atmosphere of travelers who visit.Tierrabomba Cartagena On a quiet and safe trip that only takes 15 minutes by speedboat, I returned to Cartagena, enchanted by this paradise to which I wish to return soon.
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