Tourism in Cartagena de Indias: 10 apps that will make your trip easier

In the golden age of communications, with the power of technology literally in the palm of your hands, it is possible to organize your trips and vacations through apps without the help of any tourist agency, thus maximizing your options to get in one site the best rates and the best plans.

Tourism is a global industry that moves tons of money annually, so that currently the range of applications that we can download in our mobile phones is quite broad. These search engines, with impressive databases of the most desirable places in the world to visit, among which of course is Cartagena de Indias, are an excellent tool to plan your trip and make sure you can make the most of it.

You can also read: Attractions in Cartagena de Indias: How much is the admission worth?Pareja de turistas consultando un mapa de papel y mirando en un smart phoneIn here we present 10 options that will make your vacation a lot easier. In our social networks (@dondecartagena) you can tell us which ones have worked best for you and which ones are essential.

The best prices for your flights

Instead of wasting time navigating different websites to know the different and fluctuating prices of commercial flights, use one of these apps that search and compare all the options that exist to reach your destination:

SkyScanner o Kayak.

Apps to get the best room at the best price

Before, we had to spend the entire afternoon calling different hotels to find out the prices of their rooms, as well as fill out tedious forms to access a quote. Nowadays, from the same apps, we can check the accommodation rates of the best hotels and even access special promotions:

Booking, HotelsCombined.Turista usando una aplicación de geolocalización mientras camina por la calle

Carry all you need to enjoy your destination in your suitcase

Maybe one of the most boring parts of any trip. However, this tedious task is now done more easily and entertaining, and, at the same time, we pack what we really need according to the reason for our trip and the climate of the place we are going to:


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You don’t need to be a weather man to know the climate

To know if it is going to rain, to know the humidity index or to verify the phase of the moon, are no longer exclusive data of the meteorologists. Now we can even anticipate the weekly report from anywhere in the world and avoid surprises with the weather to the maximum:

1 Wheather. Pareja de turistas sentados con su equipaje mientras consultan su teléfono móvil en busca de hoteles y pasajes

“I do not like to ask for directions”

If you do not like to ask for directions to strangers on the street, or do not handle the language well in a place you are visiting for the first time, these applications are for you:

AroundMe, Wikitude Drive.

Apps to eat with confidence

The apps to find recommended food places and rumba sites are also very popular. Thanks to them you can find the fashionable sites and those that can become your next favorite site:

Foursquare, Tripadvisor.

Where can I find the best beaches?

If your destination is Colombia, this application will provide you with essential information to decide which are the most interesting places to visit:

Colombia Travel.Grupo de jóvenes mujeres se hacen una selfie mientras toman el sol en una playa de arena blancaYou can also be interested: Schedule of events in Cartagena de Indias 2019

Remember that all of these tools are available for iOS and Android devices. Check them before your trip and discover which one best suits your needs and tastes. Bon Voyage!
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