Three perfect small squares to spend an afternoon in Cartagena

Currently, Cartagena offers these open places to gather and celebrate cultural and sports activities.

Puerto Duro, La Plaza de La Aduana, El Parque del Centenario, La Plazoleta de Telecom, and La Plazoleta Olímpica, are some examples located at the Historical Center that were recently revitalized. Today, these spots look a lot more attractive for both, tourists and locals.

Parque Lineal Puerto de Chambacú

Formerly known as Puerto Duro. The monument of the India Catalina is perhaps the main attraction in this park. It is the best picture thanks to its amazing backdrop: The Castillo de San Felipe on one side, and the imposing Cerro de la Popa on the other. The park also has a pedestrian walkway, an exclusive cycling lane and a tourist port.Plazoleta Chambacú

Plazoleta Benkos Biohó

It was once know as the Plazoleta Telecom. It has plenty of green areas for recreation activities as well as lots of benches to relax. It was named in honor of the cimarrón leader, who more than 400 years ago gave one of the first cries of freedom for the black community in America. In this place you can breathe peace and quietness. It is the ideal location to read a book or to feed doves and maríamulatas.Plaza Benkos Biohó Cartagena

Plazoleta del Joe Arroyo

The smell of coffee and freshly watered plants, are the most distinctive features of this small square. Whoever visits this place encounters a colorful scene composed by the walking coffee vendor, who wanders around it all day, an ice cones little shop, as well as lottery tickets sellers. It is the busiest square, where locals spend several hours on the benches talking and laughing about current issues. Its latest addition, a statue of local famous singer Joe Arroyo (R.I.P), gave life to this city square and cheered up more than one.Plazoleta Joe Arroyo
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