Playa Blanca, a paradise of crystal clear waters in Cartagena de Indias

Anyone who ventures to take a trip through the warm and crystal clear waters of the islands of Cartagena, is going to find dreamy places, such as the gorgeous “Playa Blanca” (White Beach), an acclaimed sector of “Barú”. Without a doubt it is one of the favorite places to have fun, but it is also an ecosystem that can be damage if certain standards are not met.

Swimming with snorkel, taking a ride on a jet ski, or going on board of the famous “gusanito” (a large floating device where at least four people get dragged by a speedboat), are some of the most popular activities on this beach, which must constantly restrict access in order to avoid that an excessive number of people unbalance the environment.

You can also be interested: Enjoy Playa Blanca, a crystal clear beach in Barú (video)Servicios-en-Playa-BlancaHowever, in “Playa Blanca” you can enjoy the best style of the region, with a delicious typical meal, the cooing of the waves, and the chance to enjoy a majestic landscape, in which the sky and the sea, in celestial tones, seem to be one.

From the morning the bathers begin to arrive, whether by boat or by land, always eager to spend the day among the salty water and the white sand, while getting a perfect tan under the sun on this tropical paradise of endless beauty. Some of them choose to stay and camp under the clear sky of Cartagena, having the moon as a companion during the evening. All of the ones who have lived it, describe this experience as a scene taken from a movie or a fairy tale. It is magical indeed.Playa-Blanca-Cartagena-de-Indias“Playa Blanca” is a wonder of nature, but it is not only the favorite for tourists and locals, it is also one of the nesting places for the hawksbill turtle, a reptile in danger of extinction. Therefore, this place must be protected and taken care of in order to ensure the survival of the ecosystem.Playa-Blanca-Isla-BarúCartagena offers many attractions to its visitors, however, to maintain its beauty, it is necessary to take care of it and try to generate the least impact in its natural areas. Thus, thousands of tourists and locals will continue to enjoy this tropical city and its paradisiacal islands.
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