Parks in Cartagena de Indias: Visit the Parque Centenario

The Parque Centenario is characterized by being multifaceted, perfect either for those who live in a rush, or those who love to admire even the smallest detail. No matter what your lifestyle is, do not hesitate to visit it and admire the beauty of this Cartagena icon with more than 200 years of history. It is also the crossing place for those who are on their way to the Historical Center or to the Getsemaní neighborhood. Its eight entrances, with the shape of a French arch, submerge you into a place where all you have to do is enjoy.

There is no better place to chat about the current events with your friend, take a moment to rest, and disconnect from the hard working days while watching the children running around trying to catch the pigeons, or listening to the murmur of the elders who debate on any topic. For sculptures’ lovers, a giant monument, with an eagle at the tip, is found in the heart of the park. It is a wonder to photograph.Parque CentenarioThe Independence Park, as it was originally called, is the home of several animals. Squirrels, Titi Monkeys, Maria Mulatas, Iguanas, and even Lazy Bears hanging from the branches, are another addition for tourists who love to feed (only with fruits) these harmless animals while they take some photos.

If you walk with your partner holding hands, do it by the trails, which have 380 linear meters for you to travel while eating a cotton candy or a green mango with salt. Undoubtedly, one of the best sectors of the park, is around the remodeled fountain, where people come to rest in the grass while you can see the last rays of the sun falling above the Bahía de las Ánimas.Parque CentenarioThose who have a passion for reading, congratulations! You can get a good pocket book in any of the 29 organized booths that offer a wide range for all audiences. If sports are your thing, and you love to watch or practice any discipline, at night the stage shines to house the youth and adults who come to practice skating, basketball and soccer at the sports center of the park. The dance is also the protagonist when the moon comes out, as urban dance groups come to put their maneuvers to the test while the tourists take out the cell phones to record the show.


Wilson Guevara, born in Bogotá, is responsible for taking care and feeding, by his own, the animals that live in the park. He receives economic aid to continue maintaining the park's fauna intact.Parque Centenario
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