History, sweets, fiesta: You can find this and more in this plaza

Going through the doors of Torre del Reloj in Cartagena de Indias, I found Plaza de Los Coches, a magic place, full of energy, horse-carriages, tourists, sweets, monuments and wood balconies.

I decided to spend a couple of hours in this place and let myself be involved by it. My adventure started when the temperature was about 32 degrees, I put on my sunglasses and I walked towards the snow-cone car of the plaza.

My second stop was the wonderful monument of the conqueror Don Pedro de Heredia, founder of the city. The monument is located in the middle of the plaza where it is worth taking a picture.

I kept going, involved by the sounds of the environment that can be heard in this place, the beauty of the colorful wood balconies and the colonial architecture, the smell of the traditional sweets, the colorful dresses of the palenqueras, everything here is pure magic.

One of the locals tells me that “The Torre del Reloj is without a doubt one of the attractions that stands out in this plaza, one of the most emblematic towers of the country and one of the most beautiful in the world, 30 meters full of history” he was a tour guide in this plaza, and he is right, visiting Torre del Reloj is a must when you come to Cartagena.

Now I am captivated by a hallway, there are lots of people there and they all seem happy. When I got there I was able to understand everyone’s faces. I knew I was going to crave one of the traditional sweets offered at Portal de Los Dulces, and I couldn’t resist. That was the place that I wanted to go to the most. There you can eat, feel and live alegria. I did not have a doubt about trying a cocada de coco, a muñequita de leche and a bola de tamarindo.

I walked out of there with a street vendor who was selling me a bottle of water, he was really kind and gentle; I really needed that bottle of water in order to keep on going. I sat in one of the benches and I took a couple of pictures to post on social media. I captured people walking around the plaza, the horses, mimes, palenqueras, the Torre del Reloj and a big baluarte that hugs this plaza.

I was still missing the picture of the amazing sunset that everyone was asking for. In this place you cannot appreciate it as good, so I decided to walk to Camellon de Los Martires and watch it from over there. You are going to have to move to where you can to see the beautiful Cartagena sunset, it is truly incredible.

I still needed to go back to Plaza de Los Coches; I went back looking for what I was promised that I would find at night: Caribbean music.

Going through the door of this plaza I could hear music from different genres – salsa, reggaeton, even british music- here we found a party for everyone’s taste.

Enjoy the day and afternoon in one of the most Caribbean-style plazas of the city.
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