Where to find the typical sweets of Cartagena de Indias?

Besides breathing a liturgical atmosphere for Easter, in Cartagena de Indias you can enjoy this time full of peace and harmony with the best typical sweets that surely your palate has never tasted.

The wonder of these delicacies lies in the natural process they have when made in an artisanal way. The grandmothers, midwives and “palenqueras” raise their voices in the kitchen to shock each of the guests who put a spoonful of any sweet to his mouth. Finding them will not be difficult, since at this time of the year the city is surrounded by a layer of syrup that raises sugar levels and joy by trying one of these treats.Festival del dulceCartagena offers you multiple points for you to buy and enjoy one of these delicacies made by the native hands of the Corralito de Piedra. In here you can find unique flavors such as sweets of “guandul”, “mamón”, “ñame”, tomato, pineapple, “corozo”, plum, banana, in short, the variety of flavors reigns in these typical desserts.


In many shopping centers of the city the sale of sweets is revived as soon as March touches its doors. With the arrival of this special week, that begins on Palm Sunday, these places open a space for the public to enjoy the great delights they offer with their tables full of flavors and colors.

Historical Center

The Historical Center, one of the main tourist attractions for its incomparable beauty, is the perfect place to sweeten the life of visitors who come to know the city. The combination of scents that these desserts give off, along with the wonderful architectural work of the walls, will keep unforgettable moments in your mind. A whole free sensory experience.

“Portal de los Dulces”

Special mention has this place, located in front of the Clock Tower and protected by the restless gaze of the city's founder, Pedro de Heredia. In this place, there are people like Cruz Villeros Torres, who has dedicated more than 85 years of her life to sweeten the desserts for all those interested in tasting the delicacies of Cartagena.Cartagena de Indias cocadas

Cartagena’s Sweets Festival

Tourists and locals will be able to taste these sweets because in April the ninth version of the “Dulce Cartagenero” Festival begins. The Plaza de Los Coches is the home of this event that aims to sweeten the lives of all those who want to sin a bit with their diet during this Holy Week.

In and in our social networks (@dondecartagena) we want you to always have the flavor of Cartagena de Indias. That's why here we share the preparation for the milk sweet or “arequipe”, one of the traditional delicacies of the Colombian Caribbean Coast. Read, prepare, and enjoy! Or should you remain with the desire to try this delight?

  • 96 oz of milk
  • One and a half pound of sugar.
  • Half a teaspoon of baking soda.
  • A quarter teaspoon of salt.
  • A splinter of cinnamon.
Festival del dulcePreparation

In a medium bowl, mix all the ingredients and bring them to boil in the stove. The fire should be medium-low, so that the mixture does not burn, and it should be turned in circles whenever it is needed with a wooden ladle until the color is caramel and the sweet of milk is thick (approximately 3 hours). Let it cool and pour it into a container with a lid -preferably glass-. Refrigerate for up to a week.
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