Fashion in Cartagena: A top model show in the streets of La Heroica

Several streets of the Historical Center of Cartagena de Indias, as well as others in the modern sector of Bocagrande, have varied and exclusive fashion stores where you can buy clothes with the latest trends, as well as the fresh and creative proposals of local designers. Light and good quality materials, unique designs and a select and sophisticated taste, make La Heroica a place where haute couture and talent are displayed with pride and to a large extent.

The streets of Cartagena are authentic fashion shows, in which people from all over the world proudly display their summer clothes in the day and at night, wearing stylish classic combinations and others a little more daring.Modelos posando en el Centro Histórico de CartagenaYou can also read: What can you buy with 100 thousand COP in Las Bóvedas?

Lovers of accessories can also delight in the incredible offer that will allow them to vary styles daily. From fine jewelry, necklaces and bracelets, to kimonos, espadrilles, hats and backpacks, the innumerable ways in which they can be mixed will always guarantee a fresh and casual look. It is the pleasure of choosing authentic pieces of art transformed into precious jewels that will allow you to look attractive and seductive. In specialized stores such as Caribe Jewelry, Emerald Center or Ada's Jewelry Factory, you will find a wide selection of accessories of the highest quality.

In footwear, Cartagena could not be left behind, and it has become the ideal place, especially for women, to acquire beautiful models of sandals and summer shoes. Products made with the best raw materials and the most select designs, like those that can be found in different stores like Adrianita's, where the best of local talent is transformed into unique pieces to fit.Modelo posando en el Centro Histórico de CartagenaIf you want to see other types of showcases, with more commercial but equally attractive proposals, the shopping centers such as Plaza Bocagrande and its exclusive stores, offer continuously seductive promotions to acquire good brand clothes. Finally, the craft shops located in Cartagena’s downtown also offer good options to renew the wardrobe and look more beautiful and comfortable than ever.

Men and women have different options, an aesthetic range that attracts young people and adults, as well as a line of clothing that, if you know how to choose well, will allow you to have an incredible outfit for posterity. It's good to keep part of the magical beauty and romantic essence of Cartagena back home, and what better way to do that than taking on the skin the extraordinary creations acquired in its various fashion stores.Modelo posando en el Centro Histórico de CartagenaYou can also be interested: Attention tourists! Get to know the environmental laws

Feel good, look awesome and give yourself the luxury of acting as a top model on the streets of La Heroica, where you do not have to be famous to attract attention and captivate everyone with the best of fashion. Enjoy your passage through these exclusive and cozy streets and always be prepared to show your best version in the different photos in which you can appear, as there are places where, during 24 hours a day, the incessant lenses capture in detail the beauty of the area and those who travel it.

Live fashion in Cartagena de Indias, take advantage of each street as its particular footbridge and each square as a stage to highlight your style.
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