Discover why Cartagena is the favorite destination for vacationing

If you ask me a thousand times, the same number of times I will reply, “one of the favorite destinations for vacationing is Cartagena de Indias, the irresistible city of Colombia.”

Discover by your own means why tourists talk about “La Heroica” as one of the best places to know, have fun and explore the Caribbean flavor.

“La Heroica” is so cozy that it gives you a sweet and warm aroma that makes you never want to leave. Cartagena embraces you every time you arrive, and at the same time fulfills you with an indescribable feeling that makes you feel completely happy.Barrio Getsemaní de Cartagena de IndiasFeel on your skin how nice Cartagena is, and get to live the “magical realism” felt in here:

-          Its Rosario Islands -located to 35 km away from Cartagena- give shape to a magnificent archipelago of 27 coral islands declared as a National Park. Really beautiful.

-          Diving in the “Islas del Rosario” is something much more than special.

-          Despite the years, Cartagena conserves an awesome architecture by nature. The majesty of its monumental heritage and its religious temples maintain the spirit of almost 500 years of history.

-          The smell of ancient wood, the representative vestiges of the colony and the republican periods, beautiful vaults, and a pleasant breeze guided by the sea, are intensely lived from the inside of these big houses that occupy the Walled City. Calles del Centro Histórico de Cartagena de Indias-          The romantic delight of a walk under the moon light in the bay that embraces the city and never sleeps. This bay is always inviting us to stay in one of its docks to contemplate the sky on a bohemian night.

-          Watching life passing by while you enjoy an exquisite dinner under the open sky, a good glass of wine, the music coming from the drums, the sexy moves of the “mapalé” dancers, or the improvised music serenades of street musicians, make of the squares of the Historical Center, everlasting places.Plaza Santo Domingo en Cartagena-          Every square vibrates from Wednesday to Sunday beginning at six in the afternoon.

-          The dishes from all over the world are prepared with the same authenticity as the seafood casseroles and coconut rice are cooked.

-          The juices you find at the “Corralito de Piedra” have become a trade mark of warmth. Authentic natural fruits such as corozo, passionfruit, mango, “guanabana”, pineapple, watermelon, tamarind, and melon, are the main ingredient of a good juice or sorbet from Cartagena. Also, with a foamy and refreshing coconut lemonade you can enjoy the breeze and a beautiful sunset in front of the beaches of Cartagena.Frutas del Caribe-          Everything that the visitor wants to acquire is found in this city full of countless shops that please the most demanding tastes and shoppers: Handicrafts, jewelry, clothing, and many other things can be bought in the city that has it all.

-          The hotel offer is broad. Luxury and boutique hotels, small or large, with a Colonial or modern architecture, in front of the beach or within the Historical Center, with a family atmosphere or an executive one, all of them offer the tourist unique, exclusive and amazing experiences.-          Getsemaní neighborhood, the “Calle del Arsenal”, the Walled City, and the Bocagrande area offer different atmospheres and party options from Wednesday to Sunday, filling the night with tons of fun.

-          Its gorgeous streets, the emblematic forts, its splendid sunsets, its paradisiacal beaches, its traditions, its natural richness, and its friendly people… Everything captivates in this city that opens its doors for you to explore and live the fantastic wonders every place has waiting for you. Own this city, Cartagena allows it.Getsemaní Cartagena Enjoy it and do not forget to come back.
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