Gorgeous Republican architecture in Cartagena: 8 fascinating houses to contemplate

Manga” is one of the most luxurious and traditional neighborhoods in Cartagena de Indias, city where lots of natives and foreigners decided to remake their lives by settling in this beautiful island.

The history of “La Heroica” can also be breathed on the streets of this neighborhood, and it can be enjoyed thanks to the old big houses that still preserve this important piece to keep putting together the cultural puzzle of this beautiful “jewel” of the Caribbean.

Due to its historical, artistic, and cultural value, some of the houses of this exclusive area were declared as National Heritage of Cartagena.

Many families still share the best moments inside some of these beautiful and well kept mansions. Some others are occupied by district entities or private business that, by way of lease, maintain their original designs in the best possible state.

Casa Vélez Pombo”

Today, this mansion located on “Calle Jiménez”, is home for one of the most prestigious school in Cartagena that maintains the facade and its interior in perfect conditions. Casa Velez Pombo Cartagena

Casa Vélez Daníes”

Ambulances now enter through the immense gate of this house on the “Avenida de La Asamblea”, since nowadays it is one of the headquarters of an emergencies and medical assistance service.Casa Veléz Danies Cartagena

Villa Susana”

In this house is located one department store that still keeps the republican style for the great pillars that firmly hold this place on “Calle Real”. Casa Villa Susana Cartagena

Casa Covo”

Near the “Avenida de la Asamblea”, there is a place designed at the beginning of the 20th century. Several generations of the Covo family have inhabited it. Casa covo Cartagena

Casa Daniel Lemaitre”

It is a republican style building similar to a villa house. Today, one of the most important universities of the Caribbean has different faculties within this gorgeous place located between “Avenida Jiménez” and “Calle Real”.Casa Daniel Lemaitre Cartagena

Casa de La Espriella”

It is a corner house on “Avenida Jiménez”, surrounded by beautiful gardens and open spaces. This two-story building is in perfect condition and it is used for commercial purposes. Casa De La Espriella Cartagena

Casa Niza”

With a wooden sign indicating the name, this house is still inhabited by people who recognize its architectural value and keep the charm of its facade to perfection. Casa Niza Manga Cartagena

Casa Román”

Its shape is similar to the “Alhambra” in Spain, and its Mudejar style, that stands out in sight, is preserved only by two mansions in the neighborhood.

In some street corners of this zone you will find signs that will help you locate these eight big houses with grater ease. They are all located a few meters away from each other, so getting lost is not an option. Casa Román Cartagena - Manga

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Key information

The residential district of “Manga” connects to “Getsemaní” through the “Puente Román”; with the “Pie del Cerro” neighborhood by the bridge of “Las Palmas”; and it connects with the rest of Cartagena by other bridges such as “Jiménez” and “Bazurto”. Its parish is “Santa Cruz de Manga”, and its main roads are “Calle Real”, “Avenida Jiménez”, and “Avenida Miramar”.

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