Cartagena de Indias, a fun school to learn new things

Whether you take dance classes of different tropical rhythms, or traditional cooking tutorials, Spanish courses, or lessons on how to create your own jewelry and crafts, Cartagena de Indias has a lot to teach you during the time you visit it.

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Dance lessons

Champeta, salsa and other musical genres of the Caribbean can be enjoyed and learned at the Corralito de Piedra, not only in different academies of the city, where they give classes designed especially for travelers, but also in the streets, squares and parks of the city where diverse groups gather to practice and set up outdoor stages for everyone to watch. Enjoy this experience from 30.000 to 100.000 COP per class, depending on duration and gender.

Cooking tutorials

The delights of the traditional cuisine of Cartagena, Bolívar and the Caribbean coast, can now be enjoyed while learning about the techniques and combinations that make this cuisine a true delight for the senses. What a good plan for any meal of the day, to savor a typical authentic dish with the best ingredients and the careful preparation by an experienced chef. Delight yourself by learning about local cuisine for prices between 120.000 and 200.000 COP."MercadoYou can also be interested: Colors and Flavors of Cartagena that make tourists go crazy

Spanish classes

If you are staying in Cartagena for more than two weeks, take the opportunity to learn the language and update your lexicon with the most catchy and funny words in the region. Also, do not waste the opportunity to meet people from different parts of the world and experience different cultures.

Crafts workshops

Learn how to elaborate your own crafts with the techniques and materials of the region. Enjoy making crafts while chatting with local artisans and know about their lives and those themes or muses that inspire them to make beautiful articles, loaded with the magic of Cartagena. Live this pleasant experience between 80.000 and 150.000 COP.Mujer elaborando artesanías en Cartagena de Indias, ColombiaDo not worry about grades or complicate trying to become a lost genius of these fascinating subjects. Just focus on enjoying and marveling at the enormous talents that can be seen in Cartagena de Indias, while making sure to share and interact with true exponents of the cultural wealth of La Heroica. Likewise, foreign visitors often take advantage of their free time to share their knowledge with Cartagena, especially with children who participate in social and cultural foundations, who teach them English and water sports such as surfing.

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