The rhythms that Cartagena de Indias dances: A festival of sounds

Long life to music in Cartagena de Indias. Beloved musical genders such as “Champeta”, “Vallenato”, Salsa, “Mapalé”, among others, set the mood for this Caribbean paradise, a city of contrasts and great cultural diversity. With its festive atmosphere full of joy, it welcomes thousands of tourists, who cannot resists the music, the dances and the parties.

On its squares, streets, bars and clubs, Cartagena always surprises visitors with all the flavor and sounds that represent it. The ancestral rhythms merge with the new tendencies, and the result are fresh genres that everyone enjoys. The bagpipes, the accordion, the drums, and the “guacharaca” can never be absent.

Cartagena hosts great musical events, such as the International Music Festival and the Bands Festival, in addition, it is an incredible concerts spot and a learning place for great local musicians.ritmos que mueven a Cartagena However, the sounds of the horse’s hooves, the peddling of street vendors, the songs of the birds, the waves hitting strongly the spurs, and the ones that timidly touch the sand of the beach, the sound of the breeze blowing through the streets of the Historical Center, buzzing in your ears, the carts full of tropical fruits that gnash as they move, and the little bell that announces the proximity of the vendor of “raspa’o”. These are also some of the rhythms that move this magical paradise full of curious traditions that enchant tourists.

Visit the Walled City. Get to know all the magic hidden among its streets, monuments, parks, squares, restaurants, and hotels; get to enjoy its unique plans and get infected with its festive culture, dancing, clapping, singing, or simply listening to everything Cartagena whispers.
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