Entertainment on wheels: Enjoy a bike adventure in Cartagena de Indias

Touring the Historical Center of Cartagena on a bike is a magical experience that, as a visitor, I could not miss. Although I recognize that the first minutes of the tour were meant for “acrobatics”, since my days as a cyclist are a long time gone, it was difficult for me to ride properly during the beginning.

In the company of a group of friends we enter this fascinating adventure. During the ride tourists from Spain, Japan and Italy joined the group.

We started from the “Centro Comercial Getsemaní” (Getsemaní shopping mall) located on the emblematic neighborhood of Cartagena with the same name. In there we rented the bikes – with all the security elements – for a two hours ride. The only requirements were to pay the fee before we start, and leave a valid I.D. until you return the bike.

We start riding around 5:00 p.m. from “Calle Larga”, not without getting enough water and crushed ice to stay hydrated. This is the best ally for this adventure that was just beginning.

The route, previously drawn in a simple piece of paper, led us to the “Camellón de Los Mártires”. The panorama of this place is fantastic: The Conventions Center to the left, the “Parque Centenario” to the right, and, as backdrop, the “Torre del Reloj”, the main gate of the old city of Cartagena.

From the “Torre del Reloj”, we skirt the old walls to “Plaza de La Aduana”. The beauty and color of these colonial buildings transported us back in time.

The more we ride, the view become more fascinating, which is not surprising since Cartagena is a precious jewel. Flowered balconies, pigeons, small cars selling "raspao", black women dressed in colorful clothes selling tropical fruits, the horse-drawn cars, the street lanterns, the colonial walls, churches, labyrinths, secret passages, narrow streets, beautiful architecture, and, above all, the lovely people, kind and always willing to chat or simply give us a big smile. All of this has made of our bike ride, an unforgettable experience.

On this ocassion, the images of the “Plaza de La Aduana”, “Plaza de La Proclamación” and, of course, the walled cord, were our tour ended, were capture and place on my album. From that point, and almost running out of energy, we returned after 7:00 at night to our starting point. At that time a group of more than 20 people set out on the route to “La Boquilla”, and another to “Bocagrande”.

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Bicicletas en Cartagena
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