A tour by Cartagena’s paradisiacal beaches

After many months of hard work, I could only think about a warm and well-deserved vacation in Cartagena de Indias. Finally the day arrived. I took a flight early in the morning so I would not waste a second, since I only had a week to enjoy the pleasures of La Heroica.

I arrived in Cartagena at 6:30 a.m. I was excited, but after the long trip I felt tired, so I needed a quiet place to take the sun. By recommendation of a close friend, I went to “Playa Hollywood”, in the Bocagrande sector. However, the idea of a “quiet place”, was not entirely correct. This beach has the right name: from the moment you arrive, you feel like a movie star. On one side, the cars parked a few meters away from the sand of the sea, and the luxurious buildings. On the other side, the breeze, the sound of the waves rumbling in your ears, as if they were inviting you to go into the water. I enjoyed from beginning to end.Playas-tropicales-de-Cartagena

The next day, after touring the Walled City, I returned to the beach in the afternoon with a group of friends. Let me tell you that what my eyes saw is unmatchable. We went to the beach of Castillogrande, where we rented a few chairs, we bought something to drink and sat under a palm tree. In a matter of seconds the sky changed, providing us with a magical show, when the sun started to dress with pink, orange, blue and yellowish tones. These are the moments that make you love life even more. I was really in love and I didn’t want to leave, but the night fell and we had to depart.


On Thursday I got ready very early. I wanted to taste an exquisite typical dish of the Caribbean Coast, so I went to a restaurant located on a wide beach called “Blas El Teso”, where I had a delicious “mojarra”, coconut rice, “patacones”, avocado salad, and the unmissable “agua de panela” (water with panela).

I only had two more days in a city that did nothing but fascinate me. My body was asking me for more salt water and sun, so to finish my beaches tour I chose El Laguito. I sat in a tent and allowed myself to be pampered by two extraordinary masseurs.

On my last day, I decided to go to a more relaxed place. I went to “Manzanillo del Mar”, a beach not as crowded as the others. I stayed there for hours, motionless, becoming one with the nature, listening to my inner being, reflecting, and, in a way, detoxifying myself from the daily routine. My vacation ended and it is time to go home. In my suitcase I brought nothing but the pretty things that Cartagena de Indias left me, moments, memories, sun, beach, sand, and above all, lots of magic and fun.

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