Aquarium (Oceanarium) in the Rosario Islands, Cartagena, Colombia

Visiting the Aquarium in the Rosario Islands is a must-do activity for any visit to Cartagena.  The ride to the Rosario Islands is relaxing and fun, but the aquarium is a pretty quick visit (1 hr?), so plan to stop at one of many free public beaches or private beach clubs on your day in the islands.

We recommend booking in advance so you don't miss one instant of the marvelous, beautiful and colorful marine world of the Caribbean while waiting in lines.

To be able to go to the Aquarium (Oceanarium) you must choose a tour whose itinerary includes the transportation to Isla de Pajarales. It is located in the National and Natural Corales del Rosario and San Bernardo National Park, made up of 43 islands, 54 kilometers of depths covered with coral.

The cost of the tour is 45 thousand pesos. I bought at the Proturismo Pier and covered the following route: Cartagena - San Martín de Pajarales - Playa Blanca - Cartagena, with typical Colombian lunch, included, either in a speedboat or on a large yacht.

At eleven o'clock in the morning, I approached my destination and immediately realized nature is perfect. A true paradise! The beauty of San Martín de Pajarales Island is incomparable. Its passive waters - in green and blue tones - contrast with the pure white of the herons and the primary green of the vegetation.

Four beautiful decorative dolphins hanging from the oceanarium's announcement predict what will later be the central show. After paying 20 thousand pesos for the entrance, I went to the platforms on the sea. I'm going to detail the marine wealth.


The cat or nurse sharks perceive the training so well that they establish an extraordinary relationship with the guide, who feeds them with his hand and caresses them when they climb a platform out of the water and stay there for a few minutes.


The main attraction of the aquarium is the dolphins. These mammals have a smooth skin and breathe through a hole in their head. His mouth has the appearance of a continuous smile. Thanks to their ability to learn, they perform acrobatic jumps, follow the caregiver's instructions, pass through hoops, collect fish and convince the public that their show is the best.

The Museum

Many species such as seaweed, sponges, sea horses, corals, mollusks, crustaceans, fish, reptiles and marine mammals appreciate this museum through collections, dioramas and informative banners.

The museum visit concludes, and now I leave to the beautiful Playa Blanca, located in Barú, as paradisiacal as all the islands of this isolated region. And finally to my initial destination, Cartagena de Indias.
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