6 "Pet Friendly" places in Cartagena de Indias

These establishments are places where you can go inside in the company of your pets, which also receive a preferential attention. A lot of places in Cartagena have been adapted to fit this concept of business, providing special areas where people can eat, sleep, or even have a drink in the company of your furry friend. Without a doubt anyone who owns a dog, would rather visit a place that welcomes it. Hotels, such as Conrad, Capilla del Mar, and Las Américas; shopping malls like Caribe Plaza; the restaurant Malanga Bistró, and the coffee shop Folklore, are examples of this “dog friendly” wave.Lugares Pet Friendly en Cartagena These places usually have specific designated areas where pets count with all kinds of amenities. That is why, every day, more people choose destinations pet friendly to spend their free time. But everything cannot be just playing and playing. There are some rules to make sure everyone gets along. In here, there is a list of some of the most common ones: • Pets should not be aggressive. If so, it is necessary to use all of the safety elements. • All animals must be parasite free. • Animals must be controlled in case of alterations.

In Colombia, this tendency is not as strong as in some other countries. However, since the year 2016, when they passed the law 1774, that states that “animals are not things but sensitive beings”, it has become easier to find hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, bars, and coffee shops that have its doors open for pets.
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