Folklore Colombian Café

Folklore is an invitation to increase your knowledge and culture about coffee consumption with its different filtration methods so you can make the best choice for you daily cup of coffee.

Stop one second in front of your cup of coffee as if it was a Barista, perceive the fragrance, the smell, the acidity and the body of a 100% Colombian coffee, gently prepared, one of those that your body is crying out for. Live the Folklore experience, and go around every Colombian coffee region, “el cafe de alta montaña.”

For those who love a great conversation, reading and spending time with friends, in the middle of the Plaza de La Aduana, we find this coffee shop that entertains with its didactic, welcoming, and original installations, ready to prepare an infused drip coffee, as a result of the cold drip method, served in an elegant cup with little ice. Why not try a french press that highlights the oils of the coffee, preserving the dark color and a bigger body, or the drip cone V60, a little bit softer and with less body but with the best smells of the bean.

Treat yourself with Folklore’s menu, besides the national product, it offers from pastries with the typical and extravagant Caribbean flavor to a vegan line, freshly baked pastries to accompany with drinks like a low sugar smoothie, orange juice freshly made or a fruit infusion prepared at your table.

With the objective to bring the best from the country to the city, Folklore open its doors to enjoy together different attributes and characteristics of Colombian coffee thanks to its coffee regions with the possibility to take one home, you can also find dolls, hats, bags or any other typical Colombian handcraft.

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Cartagena, Colombia
El Universal, calle 30 N° 17-36, Pie del Cerro
Mon - Fri
8:00 a.m to 12: 00 p.m - 2:00 p.m to 6:00 p.m
649 9090 Ext. 167