1 hour aboard the world's largest floating bookstore

It is sunny, humid and there is a radiant blue sky in Cartagena de Indias when I decide to embark on the Logos Hope, the largest floating bookstore in the world, located on the Tourist Pier of Manga.

The largest floating library from the world Welcome aboard, they tell me at the entrance of the ship, I pay my ticket and I'm on the deck. I go up some steps and listen: "Good morning", "buenos dias", "buongiorno", three voices of three people at the reception to which I only answered: good morning. Apparently there are people from many parts of the world.

I keep walking, a bit intrigued of what's inside the boat, they told me about a floating library, but I'm seeing other things. To my right there is a crew that does not move, it seems unreal but it speaks and welcomes me to Logos Hope. As if I were on the ground I keep walking on the boat. So far no movement has appeared that makes me feel like I am in the sea, this boat is very stable.

I arrive at the lifeboat, there they give me directions of which way to take so as not to miss any corner of this boat. They tell us about the social work behind these volunteers who travel around the world, bringing smiles to thousands of children who need them.

Now, the doors open and someone says "welcome to the largest floating bookfair in the world ! I think it was the director welcoming us. And it is true, more than 5000 copies are distributed on this ship. Novels, Christians, children books, biographies, classics, gastronomy, it is suited for all tastes. You just take a basket and start filling it with your favorite books.

& quot;/ Is there more? I ask one of the crew, who had the face of being Japanese but with a very well-learned Spanish. We arrive at the travesy of life, come with me and I will keep telling you, he tells me. I will not tell you the story, but it has to do with the family and with the path we take in life. Embark on this experience and listen to the story with your own ears

& quot; 45 minutes have passed in this route, and the part where it smells better, which we all prefer: the cafeteria. An international café where you can feel and experience other cultures. I prefer a sandwich to take the brunch on board. In one of the tables there is a group of Americans, Portuguese and Germans playing the guitar.

I look out the porthole, admiring the imposing Cartagena de Indias, that sea colored blue with yellow sunbursts and acoustic music in the background. I have to confess that this has been my funniest brunch.

With this inspiring scene I say goodbye to all the crew on board, Logos Hope is much more than a boat and floating books. It's about the experience with 60 different cultures!

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