Cartagena Historic Walking Tour

If you'd like to see the real Cartagena and meet enigmatic locals whilst soaking up the history and exploring the beautiful Old City streets, then the Historic Walking Tour is for you. A bilingual guide will take you to all the landmarks in the Old Town so you don't miss a thing in this UNESCO heritage-listed city. The tour take 3 hours, from 09:00 to 12:00 or 16:00 to 19:00


1. | The tour begins at This Is Cartagena's offices in the historic landmark Iglesia Santo Toribio and takes in Las Bóvedas, "The Vaults", which housed civil war prisoners during the 18th century. It was said that at certain times of the day the prisoners were up to their knees in seawater.

2. | After escaping the dungeons, you'll pass by the Convento Santa Teresa, built by a wealthy noblewoman in the 17th century in order to spend the last years of her life with Carmelita nuns.

3. | From The Convento Santa Teresa, your guide will take you on a stroll through the city streets to The Claustro & Iglesia de San Pedro Claver, named after the Spanish-born Monk who was dubbed the 'slave of the slaves' for his work to abolish slavery, and who became the first person to be cannonised in the New World.

4.| Whilst admiring the city streets we'll give you a sneak peak at some of Cartagena's finest Spanish colonial architecture, including 17th century mansions Casa Pombo and Casa Pestagua.

5. | Following on from the Clastro, you will pass by the iconic Torre del Reloj, the city's original gateway, which was once linked to Getsemaní by a drawbridge over a moat, and through the Plaza de de los Coches, where slaves were once bought and sold.

6.| From the heart of the Old Walled City you can Marvel at the city's oldest church, 16th-century Iglesia de Santo Domingo, before stopping for a brief snack in a nearby cafe.

7. | Once you've topped up your caffeine levels with some quality Colombian coffee, your guide will take you to beautiful Parque Bolivar, named after the independence leader, passing by the Palace of the Inquisition and Gold Museum.

8. | The tour ends back in the stylish district of San Diego, full of quaint colourful houses with bright Bougainvilleas.

MORE INFO One can wander the streets of Cartagena, listlessly soaking up the wonderful multi-coloured pastel balconies jutting out along the narrow streets, the coral-stone foundations and Moorish-columned grand buildings. It's easy to get lost in your own world in Cartagena.

But it's also easy to miss the significance of, and untold stories behind, the city's still standing physical remnants - including the churches, Spanish mansions and military fortifications.

This is Cartagena is offering historic walking tours with a bilingual guide so you don't miss a thing in this UNESCO heritage-listed city.

Along the tour you'll stop and chat with some real faces of Cartagena, including the local stall owners like the well-known El Zanahoriazo, who walks the streets of Cartagena selling carrot juice.

The walking tour also helps you to get 'under the skin' of Cartagena, to properly understand the city's historic struggle between the pirates and the Spanish colonialists, its influence on literary greats like Gabriel García Márquez, and the stories behind the city's quirky street names.
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August 2017


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