It is one of the indigenous characters in the history of Colombia . He belongs to the ethnic Calamarí , was one of the richest women in Cartagena de Indias. During the Spanish Colony in the present department of Bolivar, was evangelized , established order and close mainly with Pedro de Heredia relationship - . Catalina was abducted in 1509 when she was 14 by the Spanish conquistador Diego de Nicuesa in a village known as Galerazamba present municipality of Santa Catalina in the department of Bolivar, when the conquest and domination of the Gulf of Urabá proposed . She was the daughter of the Cacique Zamba, ruler of a tribe called Mokana Caribbean ethnicity . She was taken to Santo Domingo, where he acquired the habits , customs and religious beliefs of their captors.

It is known as the " Indian language " , as a " peacemaker " and translator among indigenous tribes. The benefits that you see the term " peacekeeping " are criticized by some historians as the end of all this campaign where Catherine served as " peacemaker " ended annihilated completely Calamarí Indians who inhabited the area where today is Cartagena.
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