Built by Cristóbal de Roda. I largely destroyed by the attack of the French to the city in 1697. It is operated by Herrera and Sotomayor, after suffering heavy crashes caused by the storms of 1713 and 1714.

Herrera tried to adjust to the work of Roda and recommendations I had done this the governor of Cartagena Don Diego de Acuña, who in 1614 had revealed irregularities in the trace. Al bulwark lacked the first face, the parapet and flank; Herrera proposes to restore what was missing from the original height , fully stuffed original casemates, modifying the interior with a wall and letting her become a powder magazine vault access.

Was subjected to deterioration caused by neglect and proximity to the sea, for 150 years. In much of its parapet Barbeta grooves can be observed by way of slits made ​​by Don Blas de Lezo and Sebastian de Eslava between 1740 and 1741, enabling the platform to place on it the new naval artillery fresh from Spain to replace old.

Part of the Wall of Marina . Artillery: 4 guns . Current use: public space.
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