La Serrezuela

The old Circus Theater or Plaza de La Serrezuela, declared a National Monument and located in the traditional neighborhood of San Diego, is reborn as the most important center of culture, entertainment, shopping and gastronomic delights in the region, becoming the new icon of the Historical Center of Cartagena.

The commercial space surrounding the traditional square offers a unique experience to its visitors, where they will not only find commercial stores, but also events, exhibitions, and meetings in which the Caribbean culture will prevail. The architectural language complements the design of the entire structure, creating an incomparable visual aesthetic. With access to the square from the arena, outdoor terraces and the beautiful view towards Chambacú, where you can see the green of the mangroves reflected in the water bodies of the area.

La Serrezuela has an unparalleled gastronomic offer. Its variety of culinary brands makes this place the best alternative in the Historical Center to enjoy a unique experience overlooking the wall, the Cerro de la Popa, the San Felipe Castle and the Caribbean Sea. Visiting La Serrezuela is to know and recognize a meeting place, where culture, art, music and entertainment are an essential part of this magical atmosphere. Unique shows in an architectural monument full of history. Enjoy an artistic agenda with everything you need to fill your life with memorable experiences.

The majestic Plaza de La Serrezuela, restored in its entirety, is reborn as a cultural space capable of housing 1.900 people. They are 2.900 square meters full of history that serve as the setting for cultural, folkloric and entertainment events.

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La Serrezuela opens its doors to the public from Sunday to Sunday between 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 a.m.
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