ETCAR - Workshop School of Cartagena de Indias

The Cartagena de Indias Workshop School, ETCAR, is a Training for Work and Human Development institution, dedicated to the training of vulnerable young people, in traditional and recent trades related to cultural heritage, thus enabling their integral development and improving the employability possibilities.

Education and training of professionals

Technical training programs directly benefit vulnerable young people between 18 and 28 years old, living in slums of Cartagena de Indias and its surroundings, from strata 1 and 2; deserters of formal education; of scarce economic resources and affected by social, economic and cultural marginality; belonging to indigenous and black communities; mothers head of household; young people belonging to special population groups: victims of violence, in a situation of disability, recovered from the armed conflict and young people at risk.

With 25 years of experience and more than 5.400 young graduates, the ETCAR is a reference in the city not only for its work in favor of youth. The quality of its trained is evidenced in the architectural works restored by teachers, students and graduates who specialize in the conservation of historical heritage, with high acceptance in the labor market.

Administration of historical and cultural heritage

The ETCAR is the entity entrusted by the Ministry of Culture, through a bailment contract, for the administration of CIA (Cultural Interest Assets) nationwide. Among its functions are the protection, conservation, restoration, enhancement, dissemination and generation of social appropriation of all the fortifications of the city and its insular zone.

Under his tutelage are the Castle of San Felipe de Barajas, the walls of Cartagena, the fortifications of Bocachica, among many other spaces of great importance, pride of the city, which house an incalculable historical and cultural wealth, not only for the memory of Cartagena, but from all over Colombia. Likewise, the ETCAR not only takes care of the preservation and maintenance of these historical places, but also carries out promotion and inclusion campaigns so that, both national and foreign visitors, can travel and enjoy these important spaces, recognizing the value that they possess and exalt the sense of belonging towards them.

Cultural Corridors of the ETCAR and rental of spaces for events

Since 2013, the School has carried out Cultural Corridors on the walls of Cartagena in order to stimulate the journey through the different bastions while enjoying the staging of various artistic expressions. In this way, the walls have served as a stage for a wide variety of local and international artists, with an audience that enjoys these presentations free of charge.

As of 2016, in order to expand and diversify the presentations, the selection of the directors of the Cultural Corridors is carried out through a public call, in a bid to support local and regional cultural talent and industry.

On the other hand, the Workshop School also offers many of these impressive scenarios so that you can carry out your events surrounded by the magical charm that fortifications bring to each situation. Weddings, social celebrations, cultural events, among others, become a great event where guests will never forget the great experiences that are lived there. Learn about rates and availability clicking in here

*Buy tickets online to enter the Castle of San Felipe de Barajas.

*On the last Sunday of each month Colombians can access the Castle for free (except December and January).
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