Isla del Encanto Hotel

Only one hour away from the Walled City, on the seashore, is located the Isla del Encanto Hotel, a paradisiacal complex of bungalows in the best style of the Colombian Caribbean.

If you are in Cartagena, and plan to live a pleasant experience, away from the stress of the city, the best option is Isla del Encanto, a place where you can enjoy your vacation with the tranquility you need and the best and warmest service from the natives of the island of Barú.

Isla del Encanto Hotel offers its guests and visitors a different option to any other accommodation plan in the city of Cartagena, where the authenticity and disposition of its people, and its approximately 300 meters of exclusive beaches, are the perfect complement to its privileged location, in one of the most beautiful natural parks of Colombia.

Currently, the hotel has a capacity for 76 guests in total, with a beautiful tropical infrastructure equipped with 29 rooms, including exquisitely decorated bungalows and standard type bedrooms, loaded for an unforgettable stay in the best style of the Colombian Caribbean.

A stay in Isla del Encanto means being in permanent contact with nature, having the sea available by just taking a few steps, to enjoy from the first light of day until sunset; you can also have the possibility of practicing water sports such as snorkeling and scuba diving; the oceanarium, of the island of San Martin de Pajarales, is located just 15 minutes from the hotel, and you can take a boat to get there.

Guests can also enjoy the two swimming pools, both freshwater and saltwater, and have a good time either at the bar or in front of the beach, with a wide variety of drinks and tropical cocktails. You will forget about your worries in a comforting spa session, with relaxing massages based on fruit therapy and the nutritious benefits of cocoa. It is an added value that marks the difference between the other hotels in the area.

Special plans in Isla del Encanto

The Isla del Encanto hotel offers three special complementary plans to its offer of accommodation, both for guests and visitors.
  • Day tour: A plan for those who decide to go to spend a day of recreation.
  • Events: An option for those interested in holding personal or corporate events, with capacity for up to 500 people.
  • Honeymoon: A lodging plan in the bungalows of the hotel that includes, additionally, a romantic dinner, massage session and panoramic tour through the archipelago of Corals of Rosario.
This charming place is one of the tourist resorts with the greatest projection in the region. Currently, its expansion project includes the increase of its accommodation capacity with 80 rooms, as well as a modern convention center for the realization of all kinds of events.

Being a part of the wonders of one of the most beautiful places in the insular area of Cartagena is possible at the Isla del Encanto hotel.
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