El Marques Hotel Boutique

The Marques Boutique Hotel is located in a colonial house dating from the XVII century, and made part of four houses with facades and covers of the same height that were owned by the Count of Pestagua.

The Counts of Pestacua descended from an ancient and noble family from Auzola: the Madariaga.

One of his members, Andres de Madariaga y Alvarez Mondragon, was named attorney of Indias in 1767, by which is believed that this date must transcend in the city of Cartagena de Indias.

His son, Andres de Madariaga y Morales, was the first Count of Pestacua, title conceived by the Royal Order of King Charles III in 1774. Four years later, in January of 1774, the faculty of conceiving the majority would be conceived to him. In the 70´s the house was acquired by the art collector and film maker from New York, Sam Green, who was among the first foreigners to buy property in the Historic Center of Cartagena de Indias. The house is still recognized under this name by many of the people in the city. The house was famous for its parties and its famous guests and celebrities from the New York Jet Set like: Yoko Ono, John Lenon, Greta Garbo and some of the members of the Kennedy family.
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