El Pescador de Colores

El Pescador de Colores is a place inspired by the senses of happiness, the happiness of being, and of sharing. A magical and unique place, surrounded by absolute tranquility and extraordinary natural beauty in Bahía Honda, Barú.

The joy in this restaurant and ship lounge is felt from the moment you arrive, when you find a cheerful place, with good music, private and away from the city. It is the ideal place for lunch or dinner in a cozy cabin with a beautiful ornamentation, while you can spend a whole day resting in any of its four environments, admiring the sunsets and delighting your palate with the exquisite cuisine and select cocktails.

Its cuisine integrates the elements that stimulate the hormones that produce happiness: chocolate, coconut, saffron and ginger. Its menu fuses touches of Mediterranean cuisine with the secrets of the Caribbean, where Barú ancestral recipes stand out, such as the Croquettes of Mofongo, the Paella de Colores and the Parrillada de Colores, another favorite of the house, dishes that can be accompanied with a delicious summer sangria or a delicious house drink.

El Pescador de Colores can be reached by land or by sea. It is located just 20 minutes away from Cartagena by boat. It is very close to the National Aviary, which makes it the perfect break after a walk through the biodiversity of Barú.

It has a pier and private access to the sea, where you can rest on large beach beds, enjoy some music and indulge yourself with a refreshing massage. They also have areas for social events and around 100 spaces in their private parking lot.

The name is inspired by the paths that a photographer made on his life, in which he captured the places, the moments, and the colors, the colors of happiness. Be sure to get to know El Pescador de Colores, a very good experience in Barú. “A sea of happiness that you will love!”

* The “Color Passport” is worth 180.000 COP, with boat transportation. If you arrive by land, the prices go from 40.000 COP per dish.
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