The Sweet's Festival of Cartagena 2019

The gastronomy of Cartagena and the Caribbean is exalted at Easter with a celebration that pays tribute to the tastiest and most attractive sweets. The Sweet's Festival of Cartagena, or Expo Dulce 2019, is open to the local public and visitors so they can enjoy the best of the traditional cuisine of La Heroica.

Through this event, which will take place between April 14 and 21, a homage is paid to homemade sweets and the identity and customs of this region. In addition to the official event that takes place in the Plaza de Los Coches, this invasion of flavors is also enjoyed in parks, streets and shopping centers, always with the special participation of the striking Palenqueras, who with their expert hands prepare the delights that the Festival attendees can all taste and enjoy.Postres en el Festival del Dulce Cartagenero
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