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The Third Expedition of Gabriel Silva, whose name is inspired by a science fiction story by Ray Bradbury, brings together the last two years of the artist's work, in an effort to expand the limits of his painting to new horizons.

Silva has built a very characteristic visual language in which the relationship of the human with nature is what motivates his works. His paintings are peaceful landscapes where the theme of the exploitation of natural resources always appears, represented by unknown worlds and universes inhabited by enigmatic and elusive characters. In his words, his work is "a world that oscillates between the real and the fantastic, the human and the spectral." Pintura de Gabriel Silva, imagen para ilustrar nota de exposición de arte en Cartagena en la Galeria NH When the viewer immerses himself in this Third Expedition, he encounters the artist's mental exploration around the realms of nature and cosmogony. They are images without precise orientation or determined direction that cross the terrain of Silva's imagination and memory. His ambiguous paintings evoke colors of memories and ideas, giving them a deep and dreamy dimension. By changing its position, like a kaleidoscopic game, a new appreciation is conferred on shapes and perspective; in cases, they seem to suggest animals, aquatic organisms, plants or flowers, which arise from many simultaneous references, such as the explorer, geography, planet earth and sidereal space.

Gabriel Silva, recognized for his unique dream worlds, has been a painter since he has recolection. He studied Advertising at the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University of Bogotá, drawing and painting at Camdem Town, Art Institute in London, and Recording at the La Taile Douce workshop in Paris. In 1990 he received an honorable mention at the XXXIII National Artists Hall, as well as at the II Biennial of Art at the Museum of Modern Art in Bogotá. In 1997, he was selected as a finalist with his “Ambush” project for the Luis Caballero Prize. His work is part of important private and institutional collections. Obra de arte de Gabriel Silva, imagen para ilustrar nota de exposición de arte en Cartagena en la Galeria NH More Events here.

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