The Pastel Cartagenero Festival Edition XXXII

The XXXII Pastel Cartagenero Festival will take place from December the 13th to the 22nd, in the Marina Park of the Historical Center. It is an event that brings together whole families to enjoy delicious “pasteles”, a preparation consisting of a portion of rice boiled with vegetables and different types of meats. A true delight.

On November 28, the selection process will be carried out with a gastronomic sample for evaluation by the committee, and subsequently, the list of elected participants will be published on November 29 through the IPCC website. On the other hand, on Tuesday, December 5, a food handling workshop will be held by the District Administrative Department of Health (Dadis), (it will only be directed to those selected by the evaluation committee) with the aim of guaranteeing hygiene and Health at the festival. Pastel del Festival del Pastel Cartagenero en Cartagena

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On December 10 the list of admitted participants will be published, and on the 12th the official launch will be made with a tasting open to the public.

Prices for this typical dish range between $11,000 and $18,000 COP.
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