The Festival of the “Pastel Cartagenero”

The 31st edition of the Festival of the “Pastel Cartagenero” will take place between December the 15th and the 25th of 2018, in the “Parque de la Marina” at the Historical Center of Cartagena. It is an event that brings together entire families to delight the exquisite “pasteles”: A portion of boiled rice with vegetables and different types of meat. Your palate cannot miss it.

Cartagena’s City Hall, through the Institute of Heritage and Culture of Cartagena, published on December the 13th the list of participants admitted for the 31st edition of this Festival that represents an “ancestral heritage”. Later, on December the 11th, a food handling workshop was held by the district entity, “Dadis”, to ensure the hygiene and health at the festival.

The prices for this typical dish go from $11.000 to $18.000 COP.
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