XIV International Music Festival Cartagena

A new chapter of one of the most acclaimed and expected events is written during the year: The Cartagena International Music Festival, which enlists engines for what it will bring in 2020, lots of musical surprises and unforgettable experiences for attendees. The public, both local and foreign, will enjoy classical music, but, at the same time, they can learn about other aspects of this culture. “After the positive result of the year 2019, we are going to do something bigger in 2020,” explains Antonio Miscenà, director of the Festival. “Beyond the concerts, the theme of each year is different, but the format is the same. In 2020, in the Convention Center, in addition to the usual presentations, there will be an exhibition of instruments, records, all around music,” he adds.

More Events here. Concierto de piano en el marco del Festival Internacional de Música de Cartagena The novelty of which Miscenà speaks is Expo Music, an unprecedented event in Colombia that will bring 15 Italian exhibiting companies of musical instruments, sponsored by a government entity of that country, that will present musical instruments, record and publishing products, multimedia materials, services and equipment for music, public and private educational institutions, contact with the media, etc.

ITA is involved, an entity of the Italian state that gives the money to bring the companies that are going to exhibit. Around this, we have built all the stands, which allows us to do a big thing,” says Miscená. “If it works for Cartagena, it can be an important part because, beyond the cultural part, it is an added value for the city,” he adds. Festival Internacional de Música de Cartagena 2018

Cartagena International Music Festival 2020

As every year, the Festival will be dedicated to a special theme that is "The beautiful and the sublime", focusing on the work of Franz Schubert. “The Viennese composer will be the key to travel between the classic and romantic style, between 1770 and 1830. The repertoire includes five of its nine symphonies, chamber works and two cycles of lieder (songs), all exhibited by internationally renowned artists , known for their specialized interpretation, such as the Camerata Royal Concertgebouw (CRCO), resident orchestra of this edition”, the organizers describe. The CRCO seeks a particular synergy with the public by proposing original interpretations of both the classical and contemporary repertoire.

This tour through the work of the Austrian composer will also present works by Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven, which were a source of inspiration for Schubert in his first phase of artistic production. The instrumental (symphonic, chamber, soloist) and vocal music (especially the Lieder) of Schubert will be the point of reference from which they find similarities and differences with those of the other three great Viennese composers can be analyzed.

During the new edition of the festival there will be a cycle of Musical Conversations, space for reflection around music. The Italian musicologist and pianist Giovanni Bietti will come, recognized as one of the best music speakers in Italy, whose emphasis is music dissemination. His latest book, "Lo spartito del mondo", 2018, deals with multiculturalism through music, and the importance of its power in the union of different cultures.

The Cartagena International Music Festival will take place between January 4 and 12, 2020.

* Information obtained from www.eluniversal.com.co
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