Exhibition “Transhuella”, by Manuela Echeverri

The “Transhuella” exhibition, of the “Palenque” series by Manuela Echeverri, shares a diverse cultural identity.

The Sofitel Legend Santa Clara Hotel opens a space for Colombian art from December the 1st to the 31st, with the local artist Manuela Echeverri, who introduces “Transhuella”, a segment of her exhibition “Palenque”. The artistic display Will be located inside the hotel, in the El Coro bar, where guests, visitors and residents of Cartagena can appreciate it in all its splendor.

“Transhuella is a tribute to the Colombian cultural diversity. It has taught me, from the simplicity of oneself, to recognize that there are people who think, eat, act, feel, live, and express themselves differently, to find something so simple that bring us together, taking us to the same road, happiness”, says Manuela.


“This exhibition is about recognizing ourselves in the other, because when we recognize ourselves in their culture, we learn to respect their image, heritage, and life, remembering that we are a diverse country and a mestizo population”, the artist concludes.

The work allows to travel trough the Colombian roots, as well as to support the community portrayed, which is in La Boquilla neighborhood of Cartagena, and the international NGO Save The Children.

Currently, the original works and different products derived from them are for sale, with the purpose of collecting resources to build a community dining room in La Boquilla.

About the artist

Manuela Echeverri is an artist with a multidisciplinary trajectory. Aware of the power of artistic communication to establish links among the different agents of society, in her creative practice she connects painting, photography, and field work, as documentation methods.

About the exhibition

It brings together large and medium format works that are characterized by mixing different techniques, such as acrylic applied with a spatula, and the interactive photography with virtual reality, which allow to appreciate an innovative and different work that shows the cultural and social identity of the Caribbean Region.

This artistic exhibition is open to the general public, free of charge, until next December the 31st.

For more information: www.transhuella.com

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