From these views you can enjoy the best sunsets in Cartagena

One of the most romantic moments of the day is the time to enjoy the sunset. And if to that extraordinary image, full of color and peace, you add the opportunity to be in some of the best places of Cartagena, it turns into a dreamy situation worth to enjoy alone or accompanied.

If there is a place in the world where the sunset becomes magical, it is Cartagena de Indias. It has an aura difficult to explain, but it catches thousands of people who gather to watch the sun going down. When the time of sunset comes, it is best to be located in the incredible viewpoints, so you can leave yourself be surrounded by the reddish, golden and violet tones of the sun above the magnificent domes and the reflections in the sea and the fortifications. The approximately hour for sunsets in Cartagena is at 6:00 p.m.

If you love the sunsets and you are passionate about them, in here we share six places where you can go and observe them: 

Manga’s Bay

From different points of the Manga Bay you can watch the warm sunset. Without a doubt one of our favorites is the San Sebastián de Pastelillo Fort, a great military structure built during the colonial times of Cartagena, which today serves as a space for recreation.

A picnic afternoon is the perfect excuse to contemplate the sunset. The way the sun’s rays seem to merge with the calm waters of the bay is fascinating. It is a plan that you can share among friends, relatives or with your couple. It is important to remember no to throw any waste to the water.Bahía de Manga en Cartagena

Movich Cartagena

One of the hotels in Cartagena with the most beautiful view, turns into an ideal space to enjoy a magical sunset. The golden reflection in the sea, contrasted by the colonial and republican constructions of the city, come together to create a landscape of absolute beauty, which locals and tourists do not want to miss. From 4 p.m. onwards, you can enjoy in Movich Cartagena a delicious cocktail on their rooftop while you wait for the moment when the sun goes down. It is the perfect place to get away from the monotony and connect with a gorgeous landscape.Movich-Cartagena

Old Walls

The famous Walled Cord that attracts thousands of tourists to Cartagena, in the afternoons becomes into one of the best viewpoints the city has to offer to watch how the sun rays get lost in the horizon, as if the sea swallows it to make way to a bohemian night. The ideal place to take unmatchable photos during the sunset.

Whether enjoying a delicious drink or a tasty meal in one of the restaurants located in the Old Wall, or simply sitting somewhere in this impressive building, you can always contemplate an almost magical natural spectacle.Murallas de Cartagena de Indias

Parque de los Océanos

This attractive place counts with the perfect viewpoint to watch the best sunsets that the beautiful Cartagena has to offer. Its unique ornamentation and its different sculptures attract the attention of anyone walking by the Avenida Santander.

The park is in front of the Marina, and in there you can admire the end of the day while the waves hit with strength the spurs that surround it. Being in this place means to get in direct contact with nature, feeling the sea surrounding you while the breeze dances with your hair. A recommended experience.Parque de los océanos en Cartagena

Las Américas Hotel Cartagena

Located at the shore of the sea, in the peaceful North Zone of Cartagena de Indias, Las Américas Hotel Cartagena offers endless choices to watch the sunset. From the “Casa de Playa”, with a tropical environment surrounded by nature, or from the “Torre del Mar”, a modern building with avant-garde atmospheres, you can enjoy the most magical expression of nature, all framed by the marine horizon.

The guests of this hotel gather at the best points to say good bye to the afternoon with the idyllic coastal landscape of this place that invites us to enjoy one of the most romantic postcards in the world. When the moment of sunset arrives, the palm trees intermingle with the black, yellow and orange tones that prevail in this amazing panoramic view.Hotel-Las-Américas

Plaza Bocagrande

This exclusive place for shopping, good food and entertainment, also has a large terrace that invites all its visitors to live a unique experience. This shopping mall has a privileged location in front of the sea, on the El Malecón de Bocagrande avenue, only 5 minutes away from the Historical Center, 10 from the International airport Rafael Núñez, and 20 from the North Zone, reason why you get to see from here a very wide panoramic view of the city. Admiring the sunset from this five-story building, invites you to observe a unique image in the world.Plaza-Bocagrande

A sunset in the old walls (Video)

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