Two amazing viewpoints in Cartagena de Indias

Cartagena is famous worldwide by its architecture. Its colonial houses and the fascinating walled circuit that protected its Historical Center from enemy attacks in the past, are a clear example of this city’s wonders.

There are imposing buildings rising in Cartagena de Indias. From the privileged position some of them have, you can have the best view of this paradisiacal place surrounded by beaches and all the magic from the Caribbean.

The “Castillo de San Felipe” and the” Convento de La Popa” are two of the most visited tourist attractions in the city, and they both have spectacular panoramic views of beautiful Cartagena.

Castillo San Felipe de Barajas

Located above the hill of San Lázaro, the colossal “Castillo de San Felipe” was built by slaves and soldiers during the Spanish colonial era. Its construction dates from the year 1536; thanks to its elevation it was possible to detect enemy attacks and react in time to any invasion attempt.

Even though times have changed, and the colonial battles remain in the past, you can still marvel at the fascinating views you get to see in this architectonical wonder. Made from stones and bricks, and placed 40 meters above the sea level, the “Castillo de San Felipe” is the ideal place to observe the last rays of the sun at sunset and to get unique pictures taken in the warm Cartagena.

“Convento Santa Cruz de la Popa”

If you are a heights lover, Cartagena has another spot even higher than the “Castillo de San Felipe”, which allows to contemplate the whole city; it is the “Convento de la Popa”, located on the hill that carries the same name. This is the highest point of the city and it is the first one that visitors see when they arrive.

The best panoramic view from the city is the one you get from this old convent. It was erected in the XVI century at the top of this hill that raises 148 meters above the sea level, it was considered for a long time as a strategic place to defend the city during colonial times.

From the great height of the convent you can observe the walled city, the modern buildings of Bocagrande, and the whole bay of Cartagena. In addition, the catholic architecture that inspired the temple, as well as the elevation of this hill, allow you to feel an almost celestial experience. Whether during the day or in the afternoon, from the heights of Cartagena you can contemplate the sky, the coast, the buildings, the nature’s biodiversity, as well as the light of the sun reflected in the calm sea waters; at night, you get to see a luminescent spectacle thanks to the fireflies shinning in the middle of the darkness.

The feeling of peace, the amazing landscapes and the unmatchable photos you can take, are, definitely, the best way to describe the experience of knowing Cartagena from the great height of its constructions.
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