TOP 5 Colonial Houses: history and charm

Touring the historic center of Cartagena de Indias, awakens a charm and magic, which transports us to the past. That era of the colony, where the Spaniards with their technique and aesthetics, imposed the colonial style that is still reflected and preserved in its constructions of civil, military and religious character. Although at the time of the colony, the houses were inhabited by important nobles like the Marquess of Valdehoyos and the "Count of Pestagua", almost had no names. Today, the houses that have been restored and preserved, some function as boutique hotels and others, occupied by their owners, bear his name.

With more than 2 levels; Large windows and bars; Imposing balconies; Outdoor terraces; Large gates with knockers; Green gardens and even pools, are just some of the charms that envelop the narrow streets of historic Cartagena de Indias.

TOP 5 of the most visited Colonial Houses


Casa del Hobo is a private house perfect for groups and families that has the facilities and services to make your stay in Cartagena something unforgettable. Located in the exclusive San Diego area within the historic downtown area, known for its remarkable variety of exquisite restaurants and vibrant nightlife. The property, a luxurious colonial mansion of the same family for 250 years, was recently remodeled and decorated with wood Treated, Indian antiques and exposed brick interiors.


This is a beautiful house with republican style, newly remodeled. It has open spaces in all common areas so that air can run throughout the house. It is very close to the wall and is very close to restaurants, bars and shops. Besides that has private parking, gardens and a beautiful view from the terrace towards the sunset of Cartagena.


This beautiful house located in the center of the city, retains a republican design with colonial features in its design. It has wide spaces and high ceilings, typical of the time. The windows and balconies in bars, are characteristic of the S XVI and XVII, which continue to lead the charm of its façade and common areas.


The contrast between colonial and modern, you can appreciate it in the design and preservation of this beautiful house in the historical center of the city. Between colonial ceilings, Republican arches, large windows with balconies, outdoor dining rooms and a spectacular arborization, transports your senses to the time of the Spanish royalty.


The colonial and republican style are taken hand in hand to welcome visitors to this house. With spacious rooms, armor (the structure of its roof), large trunks in leather and open spaces in their common areas, make this house a memory of the time that retains its design and architecture.

Touring their houses, observing their design, balconies symmetrical, appreciate their colors of facades and delight with furniture from the XIV century, are only details that love your senses and envelop you in the history of the ancient Cartagena de Indias. Google Translate for Business:
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