Tips for getting to know Cartagena with a low budget and little time

Cartagena de Indias is a city that offers incredible plans that you can only understand once you visit it.

Traveling is always a good strategy to free your soul, find yourself, learn about other cultures, practice other languages ​​and, most importantly, open your mind to the different perspectives of the world.

Cartagena is an attractive destination for many travelers, but it is also one of those destinations that people fear because they think they are going to spend a lot of money or do not know exactly what to do to make the most of the trip.

Here we offer you some tips so that your trip is not impossible before planning it and you dedicate yourself to relax in this beautiful city.  & quot; You have to verify which dates have cheaper prices, and this varies according to the season.

High season: December 15 - January 15, Easter, June 20 - July 20.

Low season: The rest of the year.

When you arrive in Cartagena all you have left is to enjoy, it's not anywhere. We share some of the most incredible sites that you can not miss. We recommend you to stay in a hostel near the center of the city, so you will not spend a lot of money to get around.

1 You must visit the Old City, a beautiful point from where you should start your journey. " 2 Walk through Old City and visit churches, museums and monuments.

3 Of course, you must visit The Torre del Reloj, with its history and beauty gives way to the walled city. There, enjoy and delight a traditional sweet in the Portal de los Dulces.

4 Walk through the Walled Cord and go to the Baluartes to wait for the unforgettable sunsets that Cartagena offers.

5 Get to know El Castillo San Felipe de Barajas, which is a military fortress, considered a World Heritage Site. 6 You can go to eat the delights of the Caribbean in every corner of the streets of the Old City. 7 For those who like music, go to the theme bars of the city and learn to dance to the rhythm of the people of Cartagena, catch their rhythm and enjoy the night.

8 If you have time, grab a bus or boat to Isla Barú, which is two hours from Cartagena.  With these eight tips you can know Cartagena in a weekend and with little money.
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