Why do thousands of tourists prefer Cartagena?

Cartagena de Indias is full of unique elements that make of it a gorgeous place and a favorite destination for international tourism. “La Heroica” (the way Cartagena is also known) makes all its visitors fall in love with its several and spectacular locations and attractions. Cartagena means so many good things: Joy, color, adventure, diversity, history, dreamy landscapes, traditions, and a diverse wildlife. All of this and more awaits you.Callecitas de Cartagena Thousands of visitors arrive to Cartagena, mainly through cruise tourism, thanks to its increasing popularity as ono of the safest ports in the world, and to its privileged location in the Caribbean. Tourists get amazed at some of the most ingenious constructions, such as the “Convento de la Popa”, located in the highest part of a hill, and the colonial atmosphere of the charming Historical Center.Centro-Histórico Undoubtedly, military architecture is one of the city’s biggest attractions. Old walls and forts are a main part of the landscape of Cartagena, and they have been integrated to the continuous growth of a city that show modern advances such as bridges, a massive transportation system and the construction of large buildings that exceed 20 stories high.

The “Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas” is the most popular place among the forts. Walking around its interior ramps and tunnels allows us to picture how this imposing structure was used to defend Cartagena from attacks in the past.Castillo-San-Felipe-Cartagena However, Cartagena de Indias is not only seen or visited. A huge part of its attractiveness is also felt through its joyful atmosphere and the kindness of its local people. There are different live events around the squares located in the Historical Center and Getsemaní, where the cultural displays from urban artists become into a huge show of different musical genders where the audience gets entertained by dancing, singing and taking unforgettable pictures.Muestras de baile en Getsemaní Smiles drawn on the faces of tourists are the result of a pleasant experience getting to know the city, that, even though it is spectacular at night, it is fascinating at any time of the day. During the morning you can appreciate a small bird called “María Mulata”, with black feathers, if they are male, and brown ones, if they are female. They have become into one of the symbols of “La Heroica”, thanks to its cunning as sharp as the one from Cartagena’s people.maria-mulata On the other hand, the sunsets that you get to appreciate from this corner of the Caribbean are unmatchable. When the sun starts hiding, the sky turns into a gorgeous color mixture of orange, red, blue, and even lilac, creating a unique spectacle that can be enjoyed from every spot in the city. However, when you do it at the fresh beaches of “Bocagrande”, “Laguito”, and “Crespo”, among others, the experience becomes magical: Wrapped by the wind, the sound of the waves and the pure smell of the sea, without a doubt you will have an unforgettable experience.Parque de los océanos en Cartagena This is Cartagena, full of charming people and summer flowers hanging from the embellished balconies; home of a gorgeous sea resting on the warm beaches, and a land of great biodiverse; a charming place with amazing old constructions living aside the modern ones; a romantic place with a wide cultural display and beautiful handicrafts. All of this summed up with the tropical vibe, makes visitors want to stay forever and never leave.

Travel through Cartagena, wander by every corner, enjoy the urban art and take lots of pictures of the famous “María Mulatas”.
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