Should we have lunch at prison?

Although it sounds familiar to some and crazy to others, having lunch or dinner in a prison is an experience that we can live if we visit or we are in the famous Cartagena de Indias. As well as the In Galera Restaurant in the Di Bollate jail in Milan, Italy, served by the recruits and highlighting an innovative way of doing rehabilitation, "Interno" restaurant, located inside the Women's Prison of the San Diego neighborhood (Old City), opened it´s doors to locals and tourists to offer them a new experience, and at the same time, through training in different areas of hospitality, arts, among others,  it gives second chances to women who have made mistakes.

During the Cartagena Restaurant Week, a gastronomic event that will take place from August 1st to  August 10th in each of the 69 registered restaurants (visit, Interno restaurant is one of the participating restaurants and will open it´s doors, starting at noon, to offer a special 3-course menu for a lower price than the regular menu.

It´s menu "Second Chances", very Caribbean and impregnated with all the love and dedication of these women, will delight them during the 10 days of the event:

Entry: "Tiradito de tilapia" in tamarind sauce

Main course: Seafood-rice soup

Dessert: Coconut Garden

And a refreshing pineapple juice with peppermint, will be the protagonists of the Interno restaurante from 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm.

To enjoy this experience, you can book through the following cell phone number 310 327 3682 or through the restaurant´s reservation e-mail

Come and enjoy the "Second Chances" menu of Interno restaurant, and share the experience of having lunch in a women's prison.
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