Security measures to spend the end of the year in Cartagena

With the arrival of the last month of the year, it begins one of the seasons with the highest influx of tourists in Cartagena. To make sure that your stay is not only entertaining, but especially very safe, the authorities have taken a series of special measures that seek to provide visitors with safe and quiet spaces to enjoy their holidays without drama or complications.

Tourist Assistance Center (CAT – in Spanish)

One of the most important announcements for tourism in Cartagena came with the news that informs about the installation, for the first time, of the Tourist Assistance Centers, integrated by entities of the District and other authorities. Through these Centers it is sought to pay attention to the orientation or complaint from a native or visitor in relation to any case of abuse or irregularity that occurs in the provision of tourist services. In this first stage, four venues, strategically located trough the tourist corridor and the strip of beaches of the city, will be installed.

Remember that there is a telephone line still active to receive complaints and observations about bad service to tourists: 316 473 9678.

Ports and beaches

The Harbor Master’s Office personnel has committed to intensify the controls on the docks and jetties, making sure everything is under the law, and doing some preventive checks to ensure compliance with safety regulations, such as carrying the boating license and full documents certifying that both, the boat and the pilot, are in optimal conditions to navigate.

On the other hand, on the beaches of Cartagena, the objective for this season is to get to the end with zero deaths by immersion. To accomplish this goal, at least 70 lifeguards will be working, equipped with uniforms, megaphones, whistles, binoculars, rescue tables, among other elements of work, who will be distributed in Bocagrande, Castillogrande, Marbella, Bocachica, Punta Arena, Playa Blanca, Manzanillo and La Boquilla.

Irvin Pérez, director of Corpoturismo, said that emphasis will be placed on counteracting the abuse of rates, so they will make preventive control and will install fences with the prices of food and beverages, seeking that all tourists can enjoy public spaces without abuses or excessive charges from unscrupulous tour operators.

The prehospital care modules, installed in Bocagrande, will operate every day and will be available to receive emergencies that tourists and locals have on the beaches.

In Playa Blanca, controls will be increased to enter this paradisiacal and protected tourism sector in order not to affect this area and promote its conservation.

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It is important to add that, in order to guarantee security in all of Cartagena during this end of the year, 200 new police officers will arrive in the city and another 50 will be brought into service to meet any type of requirement and avoid disturbances of public order. For its part, Migration Colombia will reinforce its work of immigration control and the Office of the Prosecutor will have available the Immediate Reaction Units, the knowledge unit prosecutors and the guarantee control judges.

Now you know, Cartagena de Indias, beautiful and safe, awaits you on this vacation so that you can relax and enjoy with all the security conditions and with the protection of the different authorities of the city.
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