How to pack a suitcase if you go to the beach

Have you ever been in a hurry situation to get anything out of the closet because the flight will be out soon and you must run to not lose it? Your head tries to analyze if what you are looking comes with the pants that you have put in the suitcase and at the same time, your eyes watch the shoes to see if they combine with both clothes. If we travel to live a great experience in warm weather, with the breeze, the sun and the sea, a suitcase should not be frustrating. It should be fun because we are planning how to see ourselves during the summer days in a fantastic destination.

If we go a weekend to Cartagena de Indias, for example, I would recommend a small luggage. If we talk about suitcases, hand luggage are easy to carry, you save huge lines to store luggage and you can travel light, comfortable and with things you are really going to use.

It has not happened, that you take it out mountains of clothes to take to the holidays, even buy clothes, and at the end you returned with unused suits? That's what we want to avoid with this blog.

Here are 5 tricks about how to make a suitcase:

1. Choose clothes and clothing that you usually wear, especially light weight, instead of wasting time in the closet.

2. Wrap each garment in form of a cylinder. For the toothbrush, toothpaste, perfume, jewelry, buy disposable plastic gloves and tuck them inside. I assure you that they will arrive well at your destination, especially clean and organized.

3. Do not go to the supermarket to buy shampoo, conditioner, treatments. If you do not have small bottles to fill with these products, use the hotel products or simply buy them at your destination.

4. It's time to fight with the temptation to fill the suitcase with things we will not use, especially if we see it almost empty. We go to the beach, which means that we will not need heavy clothes like sacks or coats so two bathing suits, sunglasses, suntan & sunblock lotion and a pair of sports shoes, a pair of open shoes, a pair of heels and garments that you can repeat with different blouse, skirt or shorts, will always be the best option.

5. And do not forget to always start with the basic and essential: personal documents, debit and credit cards to satisfy tastes and avoid emergencies, cell phone, charger, hearing aids to make your flight more fun and be tuned in everyone's favorite mode, MODE: HOLIDAYS
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