Night walk through the streets of Getsemaní

Go through Calle La Sierpe, then go straight, and the first thing you will find are the walls full of graffiti, you take a picture of these graffiti and you already feel that energy of Cartagena within your body.

Keep walking and mime artist will imitate everyone who is on the road, Shakira moving his hips and Michael Jackson with his extravagant movements. The more you walk the more you like this colorful neighborhood, full of foreigners and exotic smells typical of the Caribbean. class = The nightlife of Getsemani welcomes you, restaurants, bars and fast food stands are there for you to decide the color of your night. As you keep walking the bohemian atmosphere of this square feels closer, the party is on the street, in all the walls and cultural corners filled with natives and travelers.

Suddenly, the music starts to play. The nights in Getsemani are to the sound of champeta, funk and reggae, the rumba is Caribbean. And if you think you should arrive on the weekend to enjoy the party, let me tell you that you are wrong, here there is rumba from Wednesday to Sunday. There is no room for days of boredom or laziness. This becomes a new meeting place for cultures, because although most of the attendees are visitors from all over the world, the locals also get ready and participate in this great party with sounds from here, and people from outside, dancing and enjoying each band, each song, each touch.  & quot; The rumba in Getsemani shows you the real city. The one that is closer to the Caribbean culture, the sounds, the people and the colors that characterize it. To know this neighborhood is to know what you will not know in any other part of the city. The local, the original.
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