New Year's Eve parties in Cartagena de Indias

Around the world, in big cities like New York, Sydney, Paris, among others, the arrival of the New Year is celebrated in a unique and representative way. In Colombia, Cartagena is one of the most chosen to enjoy the New Year’s Eve parties and celebrate the arrival of a new one with the so-called San Silvestre Dinner.

Let yourself be trapped by the magic of the places of Cartagena de Indias while enjoying the last night of the year in its elegant, thematic and original establishments. Celebrate with those you love the most and don't forget to enjoy this day a lot, it is the last of the year, but also the first of the following one.

New Year's Eve parties in Cartagena

Cartagena hotels and restaurants share their end of the year programming with us. Watch for the updates that will be made. These are some of the places that will be sharing your itinerary for these dates:

La Gran Vía HotelTerraza del Hotel La Gran Vía, imagen para ilustrar nota de fiestas de fin de año en Cartagena de Indias

Cuban New Year's Eve Party: La Gran Vía Hotel, in the best style of the tropical chick type New Year's Eve parties, receives the new year in Cartagena with a spectacular Cuban party. This celebration includes:
  • Special buffet.
  • Glass of wine.
  • Bouquet of grapes.
  • Pyrotechnic games.
  • Live music.
The value to be part of this Cuban party is 260,000 COP (per person). You can make your reservations to the email More information: +57 302 441 6989 - 314 516 6826.

Conrad Cartagena HotelHotel Conrad Cartagena de Indias

Christmas Night: Live music with a soloist singing Christmas carols (moving through the outlets) and a show of Cuban “Son” at Son & Ron. Enjoy the Christmas Buffet at Adesso Tu Restaurant.

Price per person (includes glass of sparkling wine and glass of wine):
  • Adults: 120,000 COP.
  • Children (5-14 years): 55,000 COP.
5-time tasting menu for New Year's Eve parties at Biblioteka Restaurant

Price per person (includes glass of sparkling wine and glass of wine):
  • Adults: 160,000 COP.
  • Children: (5-14 years old): 75,000 COP.
Fiesta de San Silvestre: Enjoy with Conrad an unforgettable night to say goodbye to 2019 and receive the new year with your family and friends. This great celebration includes:
  • Menu for typical stations.
  • Portal candy store.
  • Welcome cocktail.
  • Sparkling wine glass.
  • Family souvenir photo.
  • Gift of the hotel.
  • Cotillions.
  • Pyrotechnic games show.
  • Champeta group.
  • Tropical orchestra.
  • Dancers show.
  • DJ.
Time: 7:00 p.m. - 3:00 a.m.

Hilton Cartagena HotelHotel Hilton Cartagena de Indias, fachada

  • December 24: Christmas dinner with buffet in the Cartagena Room. Live music, raffles and games.
  • December 31: Great Feast of San Silvestre! Ballot value: $ 600,000 (taxes included).
At these end of the year parties you can enjoy an international buffet, Spanish Cava glass to celebrate (1/2 bottle of Cava Undurraga per couple), dance night and show by the vallenato artist LuisK De León, Orquesta Fama, Prix06 and DJ Fire.

InterContinental Cartagena HotelKanuú en el Hotel InterContinental de Cartagena de Indias

  • Christmas Eve: in Kanuú, with live musical accompaniment, Christmas Eve is celebrated around the good table and Christmas traditions. This is how, as in your buffet dinner, diners are greeted with a welcome glass of sparkling wine, while chef Juan Jiménez invites you to taste exquisite dishes of the best of the gastronomic tradition of this festive season around the world. On the menu, the king of the night is the baked American turkey, cooked in its own juice; or the slow-cooked pork leg served with the crispy skin. To these they add great entries such as European buds with pearls of blue cheese and pecans, or bread stuffed with ham and nuts from the Middle East, or Sashimi of bluefin tuna from the Far East; as well as the infallible sweet temptations, that include the French Christmas log, a good custard and donuts bathed in syrup in the best Colombian style.
Value per adult person: $ 190,000; children between 6 and 12 years old $ 120,000, tax included.
  • San Silvestre Night: saying goodbye to the year in Cartagena is by itself a privilege with the magic that captures its Caribbean spirit and the festive atmosphere of the time. The InterContinental Hotel, faithful to its international tradition, offers a buffet dinner in its Kanuú restaurant to start the evening and enter the night to give way to a lively party with a disc jockey in the pool and Oceanika bar to receive the year with a glass of sparkling at midnight and pyrotechnic fires on the immensity of the sea, between pitos, cotillones, music and hugs. The buffet dinner prepared by chef Juan Jiménez, begins with a welcome glass of wine and includes a table of cheese and ripened meats, cold salad bar, and exotic recipes for poultry, seafood and hunt animals such as lamb; chocolates with mustard of Dijon and mint, or the chicken roll with caramelized pear, nuts, olives and bacon. The sweet touch is provided by profiteroles, macaroni, almond babaron and white chocolate truffles and dark chocolate whiskey, just to mention a few desserts from the select assortment. For the hang over there will be broth and fried cartageneras delicacies in the early morning.
Value per adult person: $ 450,000; children between 5 and 12 years $ 250,000, tax included. Reservations exclusively prepaid.

More information: Hotel InterContinental Cartagena Tel: (5) 642 4250, 310 352 2223, 310 352 2210,;

Isla del Encanto Hotelactividades nocturnas en el Hotel Isla del Encanto en Cartagena de Indias

  • Christmas Eve: for Christmas, the Isla de Encanto Hotel has arranged for its guests a traditional Christmas dinner at the Don Juancho Restaurant. For this occasion, the chef will prepare the traditional dishes of Colombian cuisine, where the turkey and the pork leg will be the stars, accompanied by other delicacies between salads, purees, rice and a paella a la minuta. There will also be a dessert station where custard and fritters will compete among other options to sweeten the palates. The musical entertainment will be in charge of César López and his digital saxophone, who among Christmas carols and international music will give the arrival of Christmas. The reindeer and Christmas motifs will not be missing among the red, green and gold of the decoration and setting of the place.
  • San Silvestre: by the end of the year, guests of the Isla del Encanto Hotel will have the Gala Dinner around the pool, whose theme will be Tropical Chic, inspired by the Caribbean Sea and its natural environment. Additionally, Chef Fernando has created a luxury buffet that goes through various options of salads, cold meat bars, cheeses and pates. The fruits of the sea will not be missing: fish, shrimp and prawns, in varied preparations for the palate of young and old, along with the traditional pork tenderloin and chicken supreme, among other dishes and companions. The dessert station will be a must, and where the clock ticks 5 minutes to 12, we will have the champagne glass with the grapes for good wishes. The musical show and entertainment will be in charge of D´Indias with Jorge Isaac and his musical group, who will have a show to put the whole family to dance, with traditional themes and the hits of the moment. The party favors and whistles will be a must of fun and there will be memories for everyone.

Mirador Gastro Bar Foto-Rooftop-Mirador

Mirador Gastro Bar invites you to celebrate the new year in Cartagena, a special date to enjoy in a fascinating place.
  • December 24: Special Christmas menu to share with the family.
  • December 31: The traditional festival of San Silvestre in its spectacular terrace and restaurant, accompanied by the wonderful view of the Clock Tower, live music, crazy time, DJ, buffet and many surprises.
Reservations: +57 318 644 9755 - 310 826 6763 - (5) 664 6666.

Las Américas Hotel Hotel Las Américas Cartagena de Indias

Las Américas Hotel invites you to celebrate the arrival of the new year, with spectacular events. Its end of the year parties are one of the most anticipated in Cartagena. This year they present "Night of Desires":

On Tuesday, December 31, 2019, starting around 8:00 p.m., at Las Américas Convention Center, enjoy the special presentation of: Eddy Herrera, José Alberto "El Canario", Rafa Pérez and Bazurto All Stars. Reservations: +57 (5) 656 7222.

Movich Hotel CartagenaMovich Cartagena de Indias

The indicated place to receive a new year is the terrace of Movich Cartagena de Indias, from where you can appreciate one of the best views of the city and enjoy the celebration of San Silvestre. Reservations at:

Aura Hotel BarúAura Hotel Barú en Cartagena de Indias

Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy "Christmas and San Silvestre in paradise" with Aura Hotel Barú.

Christmas: Christmas dinner on December 24, will be worth: $ 120,000 adults and $ 60,000 children (Christmas dinner and live music entertainment).

San Silvestre Festival
  • Welcome cocktail (Pink Lady de corozo).
  • Special buffet with sea and land mergers.
  • Typical fried.
  • Cotillions.
  • Glass of champagne for midnight.
  • Live music and DJ.
Reservations: - +57 312 283 2098.

Kazabe Restaurant by Cartagena Plaza HotelRestaurante Kazabe en Cartagena de Indias, imagen para ilustrar nota de fiestas de San Silvestre

Celebrate the end of the year parties at Kazabe Restaurant of the Cartagena Plaza Hotel. Exquisite and authentic menus for family sharing. Musical duo, glass of wine, contests, animation and the most pleasant surprises. An atmosphere of luxury and gastronomic proposals flavored with coconut, corozo and tamarind. Bolívar is present in every dish of Kazabe Restaurant, reserve your table on time!

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